Finished Objects From The Road

I’ll admit it.  I’m setting this up to publish in advance. Handy feature, that scheduling business! Means you get to see what I’m up to and I don’t have to try to kick out a post from my phone. Everybody wins!

I finally managed a finish this week.  Which feels every so slightly funny to say after how quickly I got things on and off the needles last month. But I think I had a 3 week stretch there where I didn’t finish anything.  This is better!

Technically I knit three socks in order to call Winding Roads finished. The first two were the actual socks. The third was a mini-sock that allowed me to earn some points for the Noble House of Slytherin.

Overall, I like the socks.  The yarn- oh my. If you haven’t knit with yarn including cashmere, you haven’t lived as a knitter.  This is from indigodragonfly in their MCN Sock base. The color way is one of my favorites- Cute & Cuddly Mutant Zombie Squirrels of Doom.  How do you not love that? The fact that it’s a dream to knit is just gravy on the icing!

The sideways cable cuff is the detail that I adore about these.  A pretty vanilla knit, otherwise, the cuff is enough to make it interesting. And it turns out I LOVE cables. Shifting stitches around to make a pattern pop is magic to this knitter’s hands. I know they eat up more yarn and they require a bit more attention than I’m usually willing to give my sock knitting, but the fact is, I LOVE cables. I will knit more of them very soon.


7 responses to “Finished Objects From The Road

  1. I think that now is sock saison. I love it!

  2. MMMmmmmm. Cashmere. 😀 These look great! Nice job.

  3. I love cables too. The socks look great, and that colorway is delish!

  4. The socks are beautiful, I love cables but for some reason I am still afraid to knit a pair of socks! sad…

  5. Love the socks!

    If you (or anyone else) is interested, I have a giveaway for a custom dyed skein of yarn happening on my blog right now.

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