YOP 9/16/12

YAY Progress!

Like the rest of my posts for the week, this one comes to you with a bit of optimism that I will actually be where I think I will. Because I’m writing it a week ahead! I KNOW that one more item is officially off the list. My Winding Road socks were finished last Sunday while I took in the glory that is NFL football. And I know by now that at least three more projects will be on the needles. Whether any more have come and gone, it’s a guess. I will attempt to update as I go, but updating from my phone can be a bit of a trick. So this may or may not be fully accurate. I’ll give you the God’s honest truth by Tuesday when I will be enjoying a vacation day to recover from my vacation!

Socks (1 pair per month is my goal)

  1. Deranged Dad Socks (f/k/a Argyles for Dad) (Orgy of Greed gift) Cast on 7/10/12, on hiatus as of 8/13/12
  2. Celtic Beaded Socks Completed 8/9/12
  3. Baldersquash (Smart Ass Knitter’s World Domination Club June 2012 pattern)
  4. Plain socks for dad (another Orgy of Greed gift) Cast on 9/10/12 Starting the gusset on the first sock
  5. Masonic Lodge (possibe OoG gift for Mr.Me)
  6. Jaywalker
  7. Helen Socks
  8. Hoot & A Half
  9. Lenore
  10. Winding Road Socks Cast on 8/16 Finished 9/9/12
  11. TBD
  12. TBD


  1. Insouciant
  2. Camden Place Cardigan Anticipated Cast on Date of 9/30 as part of the HPKCHC
  3. Emma’s Chemise
  4. Elphaba the sequel

Shawls, Scarves, etc

  1. Irish Hiking Scarf Cast on 7/28/12, Completed 7/31/12.
  2. WhipoorwhillCast on 9/15/12
  3. Rockefeller– WestKnits Mystery Shawl KAL 2012. I have a yarn theory in mind. I should create a stats category for this I think. Theoretical knitting It should count for something…
  4. Pogona
  5. Zuzu Petals for April (OoG)
  6. Wingspan– Cast on 8/17/12 off 8/24/12
  7. Boneyard– Cast on 7/21/12, off 8/15/12
  8. Charlie Chevron ScarfCast on 9/12, finished with the first half and expecting to get most of the second half knit on the trip home tomorrow
  9. Clapotis Cast on 7/8/12, off 7/25/12


  1. Dead Fish Hat– Joey (OoG)
  2. Dead Fish Hat Maddy (OoG)
  3. Dead Fish Hat Audra (OoG) Cast on 8/14/12, Off 8/17
  4. Dead Fish Hat Onna (OoG) Back up travel knitting if I finish the scarf
  5. Irish Hiking Hat for Scottie Cast on 7/31, Finished 8/1
  6. Turn A Square for Mr.Me (OoG) Also prepared for trip knitting if I have mad finishing skills
  7. Winter Hiking Hat for James (OoG) (Pattern subject to change on a whim!)

Just To Prove My Insanity

  1. EBI No progress since the Ravellinic Games wrapped up but I have several swaps in the works so more colors coming soon!
  2. Tir Chonaill cast on 8/24 on hold until we’re home from Antietam
  3. Ball Sack Cast on 7/12/12. Cast off 7/13/12

And since insanity is my specialty, I added a couple pair of Civil War Garters to the knit list. Both started and finished at Antietam with yarn purchased on site. I have to tell you, I felt much better about the world once I found a suttler selling yarn! Even though I think its safe to say at this point that i am in no danger of running out…

Progress To Date:

Projects on the original list: 34

Projects on the list now: 37

OTN 5/26 I’m not going to lie- I physically CRINGED when I typed that 5! I NEVER have 5 projects on the needles at once! ACK

Completed 11/37


15 responses to “YOP 9/16/12

  1. You are making great progress on your list! I laughed when you said you cringed at having five projects on the needles. I wish I could get down to five!!! I’m currently only focusing on two, in the hopes of finishing something soon πŸ™‚

  2. You only have FIVE projects on needles? Okay, I only have six but sometimes I have seven or eight…..

    Five isn’t that bad. And it’s not like three of them are in hibernation (like mine, though I’ll never admit it).

  3. I have to admit to almost certainly having more than five projects on the go….in fact now you’ve made me think about it, I’m going to go bury my head in the sand again!

  4. Yes, I love football too…but……unfortunately I’m not that good of a knitter yet to watch/listen and knit my sock. And my goal is one pair this YEAR! LOL! Not 1 a month…you are my role model! Hopefully, I will be able to have that as my goal someday. You’re inspiring! I’d have 5 on the needles or more if I could afford that much yarn! Not much of a stash yet! LOL!

  5. I don’t think “theoretical knitting” counts. Otherwise I’d be much further ahead on my list LOL.

    Finding myself with more than 2 or 3 WIPS always makes me feel slightly sick too. Like there’s tremendous pressure to finish some of them!

  6. Good luck with your five πŸ™‚ Sometimes a girl just needs that much variety… Embrace it!

  7. I can only keep track of 2 at a time…but I hope you are having a great outing. The updating via phone seems to work for you..I can never get it right!

  8. Only 5!!!!!! Oh sweeite that not cringe worthy at all πŸ˜‰

  9. You are not the only one with 5 WIP’s. I have at least that many but then if I get bored with one I just go to the next one. You are making good progress. Enjoy your vacation.

  10. Looks like you’re doing well! And enjoy your holiday!

  11. Best to be on the safe side with spare yarn, I always think. I’m sure you could apply the same logic to WIPs too…

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