Daily Archives: September 17, 2012

Road Report

We are homeward bound!! As much as it was an almost perfect weekend in Sharbsburg, MD, home is sounding really really good right now!

We spent the weekend at the 150th Anniversary reenactment of the Battle of Antietam. We don’t get to nearly enough of the national events because travel and vacation time can be hard to come by, but when we do it is always worth it! There is just something about 75 cannons in the same place a gurl can’t help but find exciting! And we got to hang out with some great people, i got a good laugh at being referred to as “the original Cushing’s from out west” by someone from the New York Cushing’s Battery we fell in with and we are looking forward to next year in Gettysburg all the more (which i honestly didn’t think was possible!). I also achieved my pinnacle of reenacting photography success. But you’ll have to wait until I am home with a computer to see the proof. What I can tell you about while screaming across I80 from the back seat of a bouncing truck is the knitting. There was a lot of knitting…

Tuesday night when we left home I worked on a sock. And I knit most of a foot. I love being able to knit in the dark! Wednesday i started a scarf. Turns out it was a brilliant pick. Easy enough to knit with all the bouncing, interesting enough to keep me from getting bored for 9 hours. I got nearly to the half way point by the time we landed in MD.

I ended up buying one ball of yarn from a Suttler at the event. My excuse for this is that the were selling period stocking garters which I’d been meaning to learn how to make anyway and on seeing the ones for sale I figures out how to duplicate them but wanted to do it before i had a chance to forget. So i knit two different syles of garter between Friday and Saturday.

Also Saturday and continuing into Sunday i started my Whippoorwill shawl. I am about 1/3 of the way through that which is about as far as I could have gotten on it in camp anyway. I have 10″ wooden needles that i started it on and am almost to the point where I can’t get any more stitches on the needles.

Last night I had to sacrifice several hours of knitting time in the name of getting us closer to home. Since the boys had both spent the say on the Battlefield I was the more awake party for driving. Boo! But worth it as I miss my babies like crazy and can’t wait to get home for some snuggles. And in the mean time Ima try to knock out this scarf.

For those of you wondering how my KDD to real world yarn needs worked out, I packed 10.5 balls of yarn, bought one and have put 8 balls into use. I think thats pretty darn good! Didn’t run out and didn’t get bored. Can’t really expect better than that, right?!