WIP Wednesday #9- The Catch Up Post


While the calendar says it’s Wednesday, my body is completely and totally convinced that it is, in fact, Monday, so I am a bit behind on my update! If you’ve read my Year of Projects post from Sunday, you already know, there are a lot of WIPs to talk about right now, so I’ll not dilly dally, straight to the report.

First up, Tir Chonaill.  With pictures! Last night, after finally sitting down to some knitting (I took the day off to recover from my vacation and ended up running amok doing all the things instead of resting up for the work thing), I finished the color work section of the blanket. And I’m still in love. It was so great to be able to pick this one up again. I really did miss it!  And I still think it’s the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever knit.  Kate Davies is a genius of pattern design.


There are a few “design modifications” where I got off on my color changes, but overall, I am quite pleased.  My mistakes were few and I don’t plan to point them out. The only think I can say I really don’t like is the volume of ends I have to weave in. Tell me this doesn’t look like a horse’s mane…

It’s crazy I tell you!  And all the yarn carries make it rather interesting to weave them in.  But I do love how the photo shows off something of a negative view of the pattern.  Its hard to see in real live, but it comes through so clearly in the photo! COOL!

Whatever you do, don’t remind me that the next step is to take a scissors to this thing.  I feel like I need a lot of gin to go there, but I know gin and a scissors with a piece of knitting is a very very bad idea…  So I’m not sure yet how to work up the nerve to do it, but I will figure out the steek and try to finish this up soon! More projects to cast on, you know!

Then there’s the stuff that cast on during the road trip.  First up was the sock. Plain vanilla, theoretically for my FIL for Giftmas.

It’s a self-striping skein I bought when I first met the big girl yarn store. Not sure I’m loving it but I’m just going to go with it and keep knitting. If I don’t I am never going to finish a pair of socks for the man and that’s just not acceptable! Plus I am still behind on my 12 in 12 personal sock challenge.  So funky stripes it is.  I cast on the toe a couple days before we left and knit the foot Tuesday night between Milwaukee, WI and Elkhart, IN. I love that I can knit in the dark!

Next on the needles was my Charlie Chevron Scarf.  Just a teaser photo of this one though, cuz this should tell you I have something to report on come Finished Object Friday…  But since weaving in ends has become the bane of my existence recently, the picture cracked me up.

And the last project to go on the needles was my Whippoorwill.  Since camps at the 150th Antietam reenactment were spread far and wide, I didn’t venture past my own tent very often which made for a LOT of knitting time! I am pleased with the progress on this so far. It took me three tries to get the set up and first few rows right, but it’s going well now.  Of course the shawl has more or less been abandoned temporarily because I want to get Tir Chonaill done. It’s also time to knit it off the straight needles and onto a nice long circular. I am knitting the large size for this pattern which recommends a 40″ circular. I’m working with a 10″ straight at the moment. It’s getting a bit scary!

Since I decided  to try a tonal progression of color with this one, I am opting to use lace weight held double instead of the fingering weight the pattern calls for.  I don’t have a lot of experience with double stranding my yarn and it does come with some pitfalls (like only catching one strand when making a new stitch or accidentally knitting an extra stitch cuz you’ve only caught one strand going through) but overall its not so bad.  I am about half way through the first transition section so I’ll be knitting two strands from the same center pull ball again soon.

So there’s three. I think the fourth thing that I have technically included in my OTN count is my EBI, which has seen no love lately. Except for a couple of yarn swaps, which makes me want to work on it, but I have to many other things going that are actually going to be finished soon that I want to work on more. But at least the count is down to 4 so I feel a little less twitchy.  And since I ran amok doing all the things yesterday, I should have plenty of time this coming weekend to knit. Or spin. Or dye. Ahh… I love a free weekend!


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3 responses to “WIP Wednesday #9- The Catch Up Post

  1. that blanket is such a massive task, I’m astounded at how quickly you’ve put it together. Steeking sounds flippin scary.

  2. That blanket is amazing!!!!!!! And you know now that I want to make one right? And, yes steeking is scary, but having actually done it with a little booze flavoured encouragement. it is not nearly as bad as you think it’s going to be. I promise.

    Back to our blankets – should we aim for the 100 gram mark?

    • I did a little sample last night to practice the steek before cutting into the real deal and it wasn’t as bad as i feared. And the practice run has been an invaluable learning tool for figuring out a few new techniques. I think now i will be able to handle the full blanket with much less fear.

      100g sounds great. I will pull your package together this weekend and mail it Monday

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