We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Knitting

For a happy dance…

Cuz I did it! No liquid courage. No bloodshed. No tears. No epic disaster. I STEEKED! WHOOPEEEEE!!!!

No. I did not steek the Tir Chonaill blanket. I still have eleventy billion ends to weave in before I can do that.  But I DID knit me a single repeat with leftover yarn of the pattern (on a tiny little 9″ circular needle. That was interesting.) And I studied the tutorials on Kate Davies’ website. (parts 1-4 on Steeking). Like with the laptop on, well, my lap, and my knitting in hand, picture by picture, stitch by stitch, the whole way through kind of studying. And I did it! I cut my knitting apart!

And I continued the instructions to pick up the stitches along the steek to create the sammich that will trap the raw edge safely and securely in place. And I nearly FUBARed it spectacularly. And then I figured out what the instructions meant and recovered from my near panic.

And then I went to bed. Because it was late and I was tired. But tonight I’ll finish the last row of the right side sammich stitching.  And then I’ll pick up and knit the stitches for the wrong side sammich part. And then I’ll to the three needle thing to join the sammich.  And then I’ll learn the I-cord bind off.  And I’ll have a funky little (Something- hot pad, trivet, coaster?) and a working knowledge of what the hell I’m doing before I bork the blanket completely.

And all is well…



4 responses to “We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Knitting

  1. I’ve been trying to work up the courage, and am now feeling braver, thank you!

  2. WOOOOO! you are a knitting genius!!

  3. Yay! You are officially braver than me!

  4. yay you!!
    I steeked once. It worked really well but it was super scary!

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