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F/O Friday #10

Ahh… Lucky 10…

Not really, it just sounded like a fun thing to say! LOL And I have a couple of finishes to share this week so that makes it lucky for me I guess!

First- a couple of silly little projects.  As I’ve mentioned, I’m playing along with the Harry Potter Knit & Crochet House Cup on Ravelry. Much like the Ravellenic Games back in August, strange things seem to invade my brain when participating in things like this. I want to knit all the things for all the points (not that the Rav Games had points, just bragging rights, but still…).  So while I set out to accomplish the required 1 “homework” assignment per month of the term, it turns out with a little over a week to go, I’ve turned in 5 homework projects, 2 quidditch play alongs and committed to a couple of larger (a sweater Order of the Phoenix mission that should take 4-6 weeks and an OWL in the form spinning project that is slated to take 2-3 months). Insanity. I has it.

So anyway, the first Quidditch game for this term was to letter in a sport- which meant crafting something that begins with the first letter of one of the Hogwarts houses. My house, Slytherin, added an extra element by having a knit-along making garters. Any sort of garter you wish, but garters (you know, like garter snakes! HA).  So while we were at the 150th Antietam last weekend, I stumbled across a sutler selling knitted garters. And yarn. As I’m sure you well know, no self respecting knitter is going to BUY knitted garters… But she is going to study the ones for sale, buy the yarn sitting right next to them and rush back to camp (well, ok, the rush part’s a total fabrication. There was no rushing anywhere with how spread out the event site was!) and cast on a set while the stolen knowledge was still fresh in my mind…  I ran out of daylight before finishing the first one but it and it’s mate were completed on Saturday.

If only I wore stockings to need garters, right?

So anyway, sanity not exactly being my strong suit, there was no way to stop at just ONE pair of garters. I got it in my head to try to knit Mr.Me a set of sleeve garters, too.  These were pretty much an epic fail, but I still had fun trying. And I think I’ll be able to use them myself, as well. You know, for all the stockings I don’t wear.

The important thing here, obviously, is that I was able to turn this set in for my Muggle Studies homework and get points! DUH! My Muggles Studies story went along the lines of muggle children needing a way to hold the sleeves up on their art smocks. I’m starting to get the hang of this role playing bit just a little at least!

Now, onto the serious knitting. I gave you a teaser on Wednesday with my pile of ends. Why I’ve done 2 color work projects in a row I cannot explain. Well I can. See that note above about the sanity issues. So anyway, on our trip, I cast on my Charlie Chevron Scarf finally.  I purchased the yarn from The Loopy Ewe months ago.  Last season of doom I think. And I stashed it for some day.  The road trip felt like a good day. I got just short of half way on Wednesday, knitting pretty much non-stop from Elkhart, IN to Boonsboro, MD.  Not as far as my KDD convinced me I would get, but at least as far as my rational brain expected.

I knit on it a bit Friday until after the trip to the sutlers that resulted in garter-crazy knitting, then had to set it aside for the rest of the weekend. It’s just hard to pull of bright pink and circular knitting needles in a civil war setting.  Then Sunday night I did several hours of the driving to get us into Ohio and, thus, shorten the trip home Monday.  Have I told you have I’ve determined driving to be a complete and total waste of good knitting time? So the scarf sat idle until Monday. When I knit like the wind and got to within 25 rows of the end. So Monday night after unloading, snorgling the dickens out of the kittens and settling in for the night, I finished it. Tuesday I tried my hand at steam blocking for the first time to take it from multi-colored Cheeto to smooth, lovely scarf and ended up with this

It’s almost enough to get me excited for the Season Of Doom when I can wear it! But not quite.

Oh. And here’s the PSA for the week- camp fire smoke + wool + steam= a funk you really don’t want to imagine. Just trust me.  I expect this scarf is going to get a Johnson’s Baby Shampoo bath and another blocking before I wear it for real.  PSA#2- Johnson’s Baby Shampoo rocks my world for getting camp fire smell outta my hair on the first wash every time.

And the final finish for the week…  The ongoing saga of my Tir Chonaill.  Don’t go getting too excited. It’s still no where near a finished object, but at least the tunnel is growing shorter. As reported yesterday, I decided to face my steeking fears head on by knitting a small sample. In all honesty, it took longer to do the finishing bits than I’d expected, which means finishing the actual project is going to take a LOT longer than I was hoping, but the process itself is something I know I can tackle. I followed the mini project through all the final finishing steps to make sure all made sense before I tackle the whole. Finished it tonight. And since I could score me some more points, I turned it in to the HPKCHC, to boot by calling it a trivet and explaining how it depicts the Purpleheart tree (a wand wood option, of course, for Herbology).

I can’t say that I am looking forward to an I-cord bind off for nearly 550 stitches, but the look is spectacular. And I am looking forward to giving the finished piece a bath and a block because even a quick steam tonight softened up the yarn beautifully. Once again, I didn’t think it possible to love this project anymore but suddenly I do!

So I think that catches me up on all things knitting since our trip. It’s been productive.  My Year of Projects list has shrunk by one, grown by 2 (I could technically say three, but the trivet thing was really just to further the evidence of my insanity, not an actual project in the regular sense of the word) and has a few more things on the needles ready to be loved. All in all, I think I’m doing pretty well. And a week with finishes is ALWAYS a good week!

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