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Old Friends and New





Ahh…. Wednesday.  While not as good as Friday and entirely inferior to Sunday (at least during football season), Wednesday’s aren’t so bad.  None of the nightmare of Monday, close enough to Friday for hope to spring eternal, and time to report on works in progress!

Not much has changed in this week’s list.  The vanilla sock seems to exist in a state of suspended animation. I haven’t touched it in days! Seems I got myself well and goodly hooked on another Gillian Flynn novel (Dark Places this time. It was Gone Girl a month or two back) that could not be put down. Period. HAD to find out who done it.  So the knitting sat idle while I read. Oh well. There’s still nearly 2 months to Giftmas, right?

Camden Place, however, has seem great progress!Since last week I’ve finished the bottom body, picked up the stitches for the top body and separated things out for the right and left fronts and the back! Even got most of the left front knit.  I LOVE this project.  The yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in Fjord.  It’s lovely to kit, doesn’t split or snag often, shows wonderful definition in the cables, all in all, a great choice. And the pattern has been relatively easy to follow.


The only minor problem is the left and right fronts have you simultaneously work the decreases for both the armholes and the neck. Convenient, but confusing! The two sets of decreases happen at different row intervals both for each type of decrease and for each side- the armhole decreases happen every other or every 4th row, the neck line every 4th or 6th… Like I said, not difficult, but they require concentration. And making sure you know where you leave off.  Which it turns out does not make for good evening knitting.  Too little knitting time and too many other things to do to sit for a stretch to finish enough of the piece to keep it straight. I’m not particularly upset by this, I’ve accepted it for what it is, it just means I need to work on something else until the weekend when I’ll have time to knock out the right front and make things a little easier on myself. I expect that will happen easily during Sunday football time.

And since the sweater isn’t feeling the love, it’s time the Epic Blanket of Insanity does! I haven’t picked the EBI up since the Ravellenic games back in August. Makes me sad since I really do enjoy working on it, but with the House Cup and Giftmas knitting, the poor blankie has taken a back seat. But no more! It turns out it’s the perfect week-night knit at the moment. Don’t have to cast something else on, the squares fall off the needles without any real thought or concentration and I have all kinds of lovely new yarn to add to it!  Opportunity presented itself for a few more swaps so I have all kinds of new fun.

First is this lovely pile from fellow blogger Clean Cup.  It was probably back in August that she and I made arrangements to swap some sock yarn ends for our respective blankets but since I haven’t touched the project since her goodies arrived in my mail box, I don’t think I ever took the chance to show them off.  First one made it into my blanket on Monday.

Then is the pile of love from a Ravelry swap with the Completely Pointless and Arbitrary ladies. Defiintely some of my favorite Ravelers right there.  We had ourselves a small swap in mid-September and I added all sorts of new delights to the blanket stash while sending some of mine off to other blankets. Everyone wins, right?

And next came swap number two with my chief enabler, Keri from When Did I Become A Knitter.  After our first swap last spring, we decided we’d do it again come fall after we’d both had the chance to build up a new collection of leftovers. So Monday brought me a whole heap of leftovers to love. Lots of my favorite (thanks to Keri. She’s dangerous. Click the link at your own risk) indy dyer, Indigo Dragonfly. LOVE.  I mean for real LOVE.  Waiting for another package of my own from them, big stash I love to pet LOVE this yarn! So thanks Keri! For the leftovers AND the new black hole of financial ruin   stash of epic loveliness! Both the leftovers and the collection I’ve amassed thanks to your bragging about Kim’s yarn!

Sorry, no recent pictures of the blanket’s progress, should have taken one but honestly, I just wanted to get back to the knitting…  Soon.  Probably.  Soon.