Look What I Have Created!

Ok, it isn’t fire.  But I used a lot of fire to create it…  That has to count for something, right?

We wrapped up my fifteenth season as a Civil War Reenactor at the event my “career” started- 16 years ago! Just trust me on the math thing, it’s easier that way. The event was at the Old Wade House in Greenbush Wisconsin.  It’s not even a blip on the map in fly over country, but it’s home. I grew up a few miles from the site and I shared many a wonderful dinner at the restaurant, long closed now, that’s just across the street from the historic village.  Our group opted to skip the even the last few years but this year we were back. And I was thrilled… I got to cook!

Wade House is one of the few events that doesn’t provide a meal for the reenactors on Saturday evening. This used to be a bone of contention.  Then I discovered how much I love to cook in camp.  And it became something to look forward to.  Now it’s about the only opportunity I get to really bust a move and cook up a storm. So I did myself proud…

Three pies, Apple, Pumpkin and Cherry with for real whipped cream that I whipped in camp, 4 dozen buttermilk biscuits with fresh churned butter (Amazing what you can do with some heavy cream, a mason jar and a couple of clothes pins), and about 22lbs of sausage & pepper hash…  Seriously big frying pan..

Seriously full of food.  I could have used a boat oar to stir it, honestly, but I made do with my FIL’s hand carved wooden spatula. Which worked wonderfully.

And the food was well received, even if there was some leftovers…

And the boys did the dishes! Which I should have taken a picture of but quite honestly, I was pooped! I was busy catching Mr.Me’s plague the whole while I was cooking myself silly. But it was worth it. Totally worth it.  Especially when it came time for the pie.  Common consensus was I knocked it outta the park with this batch of pies…  Could be I had a willing audience, could be it was the only pies I made this year, but I like to think they were really just that good…

And yes, I had enough for all of you… I hope you enjoyed my sacrifice…



2 responses to “Look What I Have Created!

  1. Oooh boy did this post make me hungry, and feed the baking bug as well. I feel like I need to go for a run just having read it though!

  2. I ate for you, will you run for me?

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