Finished Object Friday #11

This is the big one, folks… The one I’ve been teasing about for weeks…  I have finally finished my Tir Chonaill

And I am so in love!  For real… Most epic knit ever.  The color work was interesting to knit, challenging enough to make me pay attention but simple enough to keep it moving.

The colors… Stunning.

Of course I can’t take a lick of credit for that part- I bought the kid straight from the designer, Kate Davies so the color and pattern are all on her. But the directions from the color work through the steek were extremely well written and easy to follow.  Sure, there were moments that made me quake in my boots (Taking a scissors to something this amazing still causes palpitations if you want to know the truth of it), the bind off nearly made me scrap the whole works, and the sheer volume of ends to be woven in was mind boggling…

But I did it. I got through it all.  It took about the amount of time I expected it to, even, right around a month (calendar time was a bit longer but I was gone for a week and a half out of that month!). And I don’t regret a minute spent knitting it.  It’s even received the obligatory butt print of approval by the thumbless overlords

I still need to give it a good bubble bath and blocking but I was too excited to wait for that step to call it finished and show it off. I hope you’ll forgive…


8 responses to “Finished Object Friday #11

  1. Yaaaaaay! Ab fab indeed! Don’t know what else to say, its just beautiful.

    Also, squee kitties!

  2. Oh it’s gorgeous!! The kitties seem to like it too:)

  3. Very beautiful

  4. Ho.lee.cow! That is a serious blanket of epic knitting.

  5. Pretty! The kitties are pretty too. 😉

  6. Congrats on finishing the epic blanket! Glad to know I am not alone with the obligatory kitty inspections.

  7. Thumbless overlords! Love it. Tir is beyond beautiful, epic indeed.

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