WIP Wednesday 10/10/12

So it turns out I forgot to pay attention again to how many WIP Wednesday posts I’m up to.  I think this is either 11 or 12. But I don’t remember and I’m too lazy to look it up so I’ma just go ahead and date this one. Hope you don’t mind!

As you’ll know from yesterday’s post, my WIP count is plus one.  This puts me back into a somewhat uncomfortable number of projects on the needles, but it was necessary. When you want to kill something with fire and dance on it’s ashes, it really is time to walk away for a bit. I intend for this to not be a long break, more like another night or two of working on the waistband for my new sweater, then a few rows on the shawl. When the shawl starts to torment me again, back to the sweater. I think if I can divide my time, I won’t need to kill the shawl with fire AND I’ll get to work on the sweater I’ve been itching to cast on for some time.  I think really this is a win for every one!

With that, a few progress pictures because I actually remembered to take them!  First up,  the shawl

It looks so innocent in the picture, doesn’t it?  Seriously, you’d never know it’s the spawn of Satan as knitting goes.  The yarn is lovely, the colors enjoyable, the finished product, I still really love it, but man knitting it chaps my hide right at the moment…

Then there’s plain old vanilla.  I’m still not convinced the yarn is patterning in such a way as to scream “DAD!”, but since this is the second attempt at socks for my father in law for Christmas, I think I’ll just push on.  Odd brown zebra stripes will totally work for him, right?

And finally, my current knitting crush.  It’s the start of my Camden Place cardigan from the Spring/Summer Jane Austen Knits.  I fell in love almost instantly.  I bought the yarn a few months ago. I’ve patiently waited to cast on for just the right moment.  Turns out the overwhelming urge to burn Whippoorwill was the right moment. So I started the waist band. And it reminded me of just how awesome yarn is.

I love the way you can totally manipulate it into these gorgeous things by changing up the order of your stitches or throwing in an extra loop of yarn.  LOVE. Even more than I think I ever loved quilting.  The process is so much more engaging because you really are creating something totally different- string into fabric, flat into rich patterns and cables.  LOVE.  If all goes well, I’ll be able to remove my provisional cast on and start knitting the second half of the waistband tonight!

Want to see what others in the fibersphere are up to? Head over to Tami’s blog and check them out!


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