Sometimes I still sew

I N a previous life, I introduced myself to others as a quilter. It was the first true love I found in the fiber world.  I dabbled a lot leading up to the discovery of quilting- cross stitch, general sewing, quilling, pretty much anything I could get my hands on.  Then I started Civil War reenacting and found a need to keep my hands busy at events. A love of quilting soon developed. And I was a purist- hand piecing, hand quilting, hand finishing, I did it all the old fashioned way. The problem is, I also soon discovered I didn’t finish with nearly as much enthusiasm as I started.  This isn’t to say I didn’t LOVE finishes, just that they were few and far between.

For a long time I was successful in keeping things in perspective. I’ve always considered each block in a quilt top a little project in and of itself and could celebrate each block as a project completed. At some point, though, I still ended up discouraged.  Not so much because I don’t have quilts to show for my efforts, just that I’ve built up such a stash of quilt TOPS that need finishing that I don’t think I have enough life left in me to hand quilt them all! And I’d almost always rather start something new than keep plugging away on something that’s going to take weeks worth of hours to finish when progress is slow and difficult to see by eye.

15 years of quilting, though, means I’ve built up a lovely fabric stash. And it wasn’t until recently that the size of that stash ever bothered me. AS it is, I’m not sure if I’m bothered by the fact that the fabric sits mostly unloved, that it’s taking up space that could be used for yarn and fiber or just that it’s there, all the time, yelling to be played with.

So this weekend I decided to silence a few bits of it. A year ago I took a bus trip quilt shop hop with a friend of mine.  Despite the lack of enthusiasm for actual sewing, I demonstrated NO lack of enthusiasm for stash enhancing! So I added screaming voices to the stash room, shut the door and visit only when my resolve is strong… I will not let the voices defeat me… Anyway… This weekend I decided it was a good time to put a few of the pieces of fabric collected on the trip to work for their intended purpose…  Pillow cases!

Turns out I love to make and use fun pillow cases.  Much like socks and the need to match an outfit, I really don’t see any need for pillow cases to match the rest of the sheet set (or quilt, for that matter!). Instead, silly, fun, not necessarily age appropriate pillow cases make me happy.  So I stitched up 3 for Mr.Me (I was one up on previously sewn pillow case) and two for me.

Cuz for real, who can’t have pleasant dreams when drifting off to sleep on a pillow case of nearly naked cowboys or firemen? Or hula girls… You know, if you’re into that sort of thing… Plus, 5 yards less screaming for use! Total win!


2 responses to “Sometimes I still sew

  1. I love these!

    I recently inherited a sewing machine, and have been looking for something basic to practice on– I learned how to sew when I was little and doll clothes were a must, but I don’t think I’ve done it in… two decades, maybe. Anyway, these look like the perfect get-my-feet-wet project– fun, and practical in the end!

  2. gorgeous! I have such respect for quilting and quilters, it’s a truly amazing craft. A quilt’s no good without pillows too, right”

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