WIP Wednesday, Lucky 13

Maybe the fact that this is my 13th WIP Wednesday post should have been a sign. Perhaps it should have foretold of impending doom. There’s a good chance I should have heard the something bad’s about to happen whatever you do don’t go outside barefoot in your nighty without changing the batteries in the flashlight first music. But I did not. For a brief shining moment, I was CONVINCED I would be showing you a photo of my nearly finished shawl. One showing how wonderful my progress was since last week’s reported time out.  How in the end, the shawl really was my friend and it was totally and completely me being silly…

Yeah, turns out the shawl kicked my ass once again.

I took a break last week. I started my Camden Place cardi.  It’s coming along beautifully.  I finished the waistband, picked up the stitches for the body, got within one or two of the right number even, got the first inch or so knit, feelin’ GREAT! But given my fear of too many WIPs, I wanted to get back to the shawl. Maybe knit a few rows of one, a few rows of the other… Sorta keep things fresh. So Saturday evening while we watched a couple of movies, I picked up the shawl.  Knit 4 or 5 rows and thought “I got this.”

Sunday rolls around and I felt the urge to do all the things. I baked cookies. I made a roast in the slow cooker. I made pillow cases. I spun my way toward my 50% mark for my OWL. And eventually I settled in to watch the Packer game and picked up the shawl agian.  I was feeling great!  I got through several more rows and by the time my team won (OH HAPPY DAY!), I was down to the last 10 rows. I can totally conquer this thing! And I can do it before I return to the cardi.

Monday. Awesome day at work. Nothing is going to wreck this day. It was so good I made steak for dinner. And I sat down to knit.  I was on the last row of endless purl stitches before the scallop row. And then it all went to hell.  First, my yarn worked itself in a nasty knot that, when I tried to pull out of the skein, caused a break. So down to the stash room to untangle and rewind the skein.  TWICE during the rewinding, the yarn flew off my ball winder and half way across the room.  Winding lace weight the first time sucks. doing it three more times…  Just don’t. Trust me. Finally got through the rewinding, pick up the project and discover stitches have come off the needle in a strange location and dropped down a couple rows.  Pick those up, finish the purl row, start the scallop row.  Get through the scallop row with several extra stitches. Decide this has been noting unusual throughout the entire process, turns out I cannot keep a proper stitch count going for anything when there are over 300 stitches on the needles let alone 500+ so screw it, I’ll just fake it. I’m pretty sure I’ve borked the whole thing anyway and decided 15 or 20 rows ago that I didn’t care that much so why should I start now. But it’s time for bed. I’m going to stop knitting and give a quick read of what I’m going to be doing when I pick this up again tomorrow.

You know this is the part where the ax-wielding murderer jumps out of the tool shed to find me in my soaking wet skimpy nightie, right?

There it is… right in front of me. The reason I was so off in my stitch count…. Not only can I not keep a stitch count straight, I can’t, despite marking rows off with a bright pink high lighter, manage to read the correct row on my pattern.  Nope. I skipped two entire sections of directions (only four lines, not quite as bad as you might thing, but still) and knit the  NEXT scallop row instead of the one I was actually supposed to knit.

At this point, all I could do was laugh. Not the Robin Williams Live at the Met kind of laugh… the deranged serial killer kind…  I laughed and I quietly placed the project on Mr.Me’s lap. And I went to bed.

And last night, after a full day’s pondering on what to do, I took said project and I stuffed it rather unceremoniously into a bag, I made myself a note on the pattern with what I’d last done to bork it and what I propose to do to fix it. I wrote the needle tip/cable length information on the bag so in the event the time out lasts long enough for me to actually forget what has gone on with this shawl I know where to find my size 3 sharps tips and 40″ cable. And I put it somewhere. Frankly I’m not even 100% sure today where that somewhere is. I think I know. But I’m not certain. And I don’t care.  I cannot bring myself to think of it right now.  I just can’t.  The only thing I really want to do is kill it with fire and dance on its ashes while sipping a very large hot & dirty martini.  And I know this is not the answer. I even know it’s not the shawl’s fault I can’t count or follow directions. Which means there is room for logic and reason to kick in and actually finish this thing. Some day. But not today.  Definitely not tomorrow either.  Honestly, I don’t know when I’ll be ready to revisit the nightmare. But I will.  Some day. And I’m sure you’ll hear all about it then, too. But for now, we’re just going to walk away.  We’re going to let the shawl think it’s won.  And we’re not going to speak of it again for a very long time.

Instead we’re going to talk about this.

Isn’t it lovely? That’s the beginnings of my Camden Place Cardigan.  The pattern was in the Spring/Summer 2012 Jane Austen Knits. The yarn is Lorna’s Laces Sheppard Sport in the colorway Fjord.  I love it. So far I haven’t borked it. At the moment I’m a bit too fragile to think this will continue, but I have hope. See, Whippoorwill, you haven’t broken me. Just a few bruises. I’ll get better.

Then there’s this

Slightly better than 3oz of spun singles. The fiber is a BFL/Silk blend. It’s lurvely. I have a little less than an ounce to finish, then I get to ply.  In the end, I should have at least 800 yards of a 2 ply lace weight. I won’t lie. It’s the first time I’m spinning lace weight on purpose. I’m a little skeert.  But I did a sample and it went OK.  I think I can ply this without too much trouble. At least I hope so. Cuz once finished, it’s good for 100 points in the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup. And my first OWL badge. Its amazing the things I’ll do for silly little graphics to post on my Ravelry profile. But again, I’m OK with this.

I lack an actual photo, but the vanilla sock for Dad continues to grow as well.  I’ve put about 45g of a 100g skein of yarn into the sock so far.  A few more rows and I’ll start the ribbing and call sock #1 done. I know I keep saying this, but hopefully it’ll be off the needles this week. For real this time.



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  1. oooh pretty sweater!

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