Do I have a sock problem

Nah… I didn’t think so.  Well, unless it’s the one where I needed a second Octopus to hold all the ones I washed.  But luckily I was a smart little knitter and bought TWO when I found them at IKEA. Or that I haven’t knit nearly ENOUGH yet, which COULD be a problem since now I want to knit ALL the things and haven’t spent as much time with the socks in recent months…  But I’m pretty sure that’s your common variety First World problem… SO nah… I don’t think there are any problems here…


2 responses to “Do I have a sock problem

  1. Don’t they stretch out drying like that? I’ve been obsessively laying them flat for years…

    • I’ve never had an issue. I run ’em through the wash in a lingerie bag then hang them. Sometimes by the toes, sometimes the cuffs. Really depends on my mood on any given laundry day! But they dry faster this way!

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