Finished Object Friday #12



Turns out it’s been a few weeks since I played along on F/O Friday.  And while there’s nothing necessarily major to report, there have been a couple of little finishes so it’s time to celebrate!

I think all of my finishes related to Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup projects. There are a number of large projects on the needles, but in order to earn as many points as I can for the Noble House of Slytherin, I’ve been throwing in some quick finishes wherever I can to fit class prompts and up my totals.

First up, from a couple weeks back and just unreported, a pair of dishcloths.  Very unexciting, really, but it turns out my reenacting dishcloth stash is getting pretty low and I know I’m going to go through several of them in Gettysburg next summer so these quick projects are perfect- filling both my desire to earn points and the hole in my commissary kit.

First up, the Skull & Crossbones cloth I turned in for Potions class.  This month’s prompt centered around Skelogrow (for the uninitiated to the HP world, this is the rather nasty position necessary for the unfortunate souls who must undertake to regrow bones… A nasty nasty business). The pattern I used had the skull and crossbones knit in a different color but since I’m still sitting on half a cone of off white dishcloth (bone like, don’t you think?) in my stash, I opted instead to use purl stitches for the pattern.  It’s hard to see in the picture but worked pretty well overall.

Next is possibly my favorite dishcloth.  A rather unassuming granny square, remarkable only because it is crochet instead of knit.  I think it’s the first time I used a crochet hook for non-knitting related purposes in an easy two to three years! But it was a lot like riding a bike, it felt like a familiar old friend in a matter of just a few stitches.  There will be at least one more of these to come before the term is out as it will fit nicely into a quidditch prompt at the end of November.

Next, the most adorable little knits ever.  Or at least that I’ve knit to date…  Mochimochi Land’s Teeny Snowmen.  The Quidditch game for October involved knitting multiples, at least 5, of a single object.  Since I have a great many cauldrons on the fire this term as it is, I knew it would be crazy to commit to something like 5 pair of socks or mittens (objects traditionally knit as pairs need to be turned in as pairs, so that would have meant 10 socks to equal 5 pair!) or even hats, but these little snow folks knit up quick as can be and fit the bill perfectly.  Last Friday was my day off so I managed all five in the course of that day.  I think I’ll run a ribbon through them and call them Christmas ornaments. Since I traditionally give ornaments to my God children, grandkids and nephew every year, these would fit the bill perfectly AND have the added bonus of being handmade!




6 responses to “Finished Object Friday #12

  1. Hahahah. Like the snow men. Fill them with catnip and my cats will go gaga.

  2. Omg I’ve been looking for who makes that snowmen pattern! They’re soooo adorable!!!

  3. SO lovely! I have had that snowman pattern on my list for a year (can you believe that!?!?) and I really must make some this year – yours look so lovely x

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