Reader’s Appreciation Award

Some Monday morning’s surprise you. Not in the usual UGH it’s Monday sort of way, I mean in an actual “Oh Happy Day” sort of effort Monday’s rarely display. Actually, now that I think of it, I might be a little afraid of this. Last Monday was a pretty stellar day and now this Monday kicked off with a happy, too? Here’s hoping Karma isn’t tipping the scales for an Epic dose of revenge!

Anyway, my Monday morning happy- Logged in to Ravelry this morning to find a message from fellow blogger MistyMountainDesigns telling me she’d nominated me for a a reader’s appreciation award!  I am forever amazed that anyone other than a couple friends who already KNOW I’m weird and are, therefore, not put off by my ramblings even read this silliness.  That someone reads it AND appreciates it? Whoa!  So thanks A! I appreciate your kind words!

Now, for the business end of receiving a major award. The rules for receiving this award are as follows.

FIRST:  Check. Linky above. Do check her out, please!  She’s always a fun read with lots of knitting action and some great photos!

SECOND:  Answer 10 questions.

  1. Your favorite colour?  For most of my life I’d have answered blue, dark blue, definitely, but lately the world is my rainbow. I especially like the purple bits. But just about anything will do. Usually more jewel tones and less pastels, but I will knit anything into socks
  2. Your favorite animal?  I am owned by three thumbless overlords  cats and vaguely tolerated by a fourth. And I always thought it’d be cool to have a pet monkey. Wouldn’t trade my kittens for the world, however, so I guess Ima just stick to cats
  3. Your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Diet Coke with Lime when it’s hot out, tea when it’s not so hot out.
  4. Facebook or Twitter? I’d have to lean Facebook because I can’t fully grasp the Tweeting thing but I do both. Poorly.
  5. Your favorite pattern? This is like asking someone to pick their favorite kid. And probably still similar in that I’ll say it changes depending on the day! LOL For socks, there’s something about Flutterby that makes it impossible for me to avoid. Favorite sweater, Elphaba.  Favorite knit of all time, hands down Tir Choniall.  See, too many to pick!
  6. Getting or giving presents? Yes please! If forced to pick, probably giving, especially when I am struck by inspiration.
  7. Your favorite number? 1. Boring. I know. But it turns out there’s a pretty good series of things that have happened to me on the first, so I go with it.
  8. Your favorite day of the week? Depends on the time of year. During reenacting season, Wednesday, because it’s the most relaxed day of the week.  During football season and, frankly, most of the winter, Sunday because I can watch my Packers, I usually have time to cook all the things and I can spin or knit (or sometimes even sew) to my heart’s content. But every other Friday when I don’t have to go to work is pretty darn great, too!
  9. Your favorite flower?  White roses or calalilies. No particular reason, I just love them.
  10. What is your passion?  Hmm….  interesting. There are many things I am passionate about (Packer football, spinning, knitting, cooking), but I’m not sure I can put my finger on a particular thing that drives me. Creating is probably as close as I can come. Not necessarily anything new or particularly fabulous, just taking something and transforming it into something else. I don’t sit still particularly well so I am always working on something with my hands, I guess I can’t imagine life without doing that!

THIRD:  Nominate other bloggers for the award.  This is the fun part! When I started blogging “seriously” (yeah, I can’t even TYPE that with a straight face. Serious… not so much my style) I was pretty new to the bloggosphere. Since then I’ve stumbled onto more wonderful sights than I can remember. Thank God for e-mail subscriptions and WordPress’s reader! A few of my favorites in no particular order-

When Did I Become  A Knitter– Keri’s is one of the first blogs I stumbled onto and I look forward to her updates! Probably has something to do with her accidental ability to enable me like no other. She just knits the best stuff and I want to knit it too!

All She Wants To Do Is Knit Again, LOTS of enabling. Be warned. You (or at least I) can’t see her new projects without growing the queue of future projects. Deliciously dangerous with a great sense of humor to boot!

Felt So Cute I initially got hooked on this one because of the Tokyo parts. I spent a semester there in college and its fun to see another American’s perspective and trip.  Lots of clever crafting ideas and  fun travel adventures to boot!

Minding My Own Stitches  The colorwork.  Oh the colorwork… Makes a girl a bit weak in the knees if you want to know the truth of it!  All around lovely knits in general, but the colorwork…

Feel Good Knitting  Love her sense of humor. Drool over her lovely knits. Great photos and fun stories. So much bloggy goodness!

Good Purl Gone Bad Are you noticing a knitting theme here? Probably shouldn’t surprise anyone. She’s a find through the Come Blog Along project (You’ll recognize it from my Year of Projects posts on Sundays) who are just full of inspiration, cheer leading and all around knitterly awesomeness!

I could go on I’m sure, really just find the blogs of any who comment on mine and you’ll find more of my favorites!  Really though, thanks to all who read. You blow my mind! And I love reading you, too!



5 responses to “Reader’s Appreciation Award

  1. Flutterby is such an interesting pattern. Very tempted.
    Thanks for the mention above!

    • Knit them. You know you want to… LOL I think I did three pair of Flutter-byes inside of a couple of months time. Such an easy pattern to memorize and they make excellent use of hand-painted yarns… So much fun!

      • I’ve got a bunch of small skeins of hand spun that I’ve been trying to find the right project for. Some of it is singles. Thoughts on suitability:?

  2. Not a fan of single ply for socks personally- just doesn’t hold up well enough to make it worth the time it takes to knit them, let alone the spinning time! But I can’t say I have much experience to go on with hand spun for socks, either. I’ve finally gotten the weight right, just haven’t knit the socks out of it! But I like to live dangerously so I say go for it!

  3. Thanks for the mention! I love posts like this because I always find so many fun new blogs to read!

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