Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!!!!!

Yeah… I know… It’s Tuesday. While I may be crazy I’m not insane. I can still keep track of the days of the week and all (usually. There are those weeks where no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get the day right, but we all have those, right? Seriously… RIGHT? It’s not just me?!)…  But the thing was Sunday’s post was already, well, posted, and Monday I had more important issues to attend to, so it’s taken until Tuesday to get ’round to my post celebrating the glory that is Sunday. Humor me.

The thing is, there is nothing I love more this time of year than Sunday afternoons.  First…  It’s football season. That right there is reason enough to find Sunday the best day of the week. Double that when the Packers do what they’re supposed to and WIN. Especially when it’s the first time this season we’ve strung together 2 Ws in a row. (I’ve already explained the whole “We” thing when it comes to the Packers, right? I am a team owner so I can officially say WE… But I’d say we even if I wasn’t an owner cuz it’s Wisconsin and that’s how we roll…) I could end the post right there and all who know Green Bay Packer football would be perfectly satisfied with that singular explanation of why Sundays during football season are the best days on the calendar.  The fact that all that football time makes for excellent knitting and spinning does not go unnoticed by me, either…

But wait. There’s more.

Sundays are also the day I get to cook.  Since I have a well known football problem obsession habit, it is a very rare thing to have plans on a Sunday. If I do have plans on a Sunday it’s because either A) The Packers play on Monday night, B) The Packers have a bye week, C) You’ve invited me to watch the game at your house and I’ve accepted or D) I really really REALLY love you and am willing to forego the game for you. There are maybe three people in the land that this last one applies to, so if you’re one of them, I hope you appreciate how special that makes you. But I digress.

The point is, I am home so I can spend the day in the kitchen doing all the things (before or after my game, of course).  Sometimes this turns into a large production where I get lots of things ready to cook for the week ahead. Sometimes it’s stocking the freezer with easy to grab goodies for undefined future dates.  Sometimes it’s just that one day I feel like making something fabulous and God help anyone who gets in my way.

This past Sunday was all three. First… meatloaf.  Thank goodness I married someone who appreciates the fine art of the loaf of meat.  I grew up loving it and would be sad if I didn’t get to make it even semi-regularly now. And my favorite thing to do with meatloaf lately- make it in bulk.  Cuz lets face it, meatloaf is one of those messy things to make. So if you’re gonna do it, why not do it big and be set for a while? So I loaded up on ingredients on our stroll through Sendiks, dug Great-Grandma’s mixing bowl out of the cupboard and made me about 4.5 lbs of meatloaf mixture! NOM


Don’t worry, the gin doesn’t actually go in the meatloaf, it just happened to make it into the background of the picture with all the other clutter that lives on the counter. Cuz again, that’s how I roll.

Great-Grandma’s bowl is key in the whole process, I tell you. There’s just something about it that FEELS right for mixing up a giant batch of ‘loaf.  Lately I’ve been loading my meatloaf up with all kinds of veggies- carrots, onion, celery, mushrooms, a definite “kitchen sink” sort of thing, so three pounds of meat plus a lot of veggies and what not turned into 4 dinners worth of deliciousness waiting in the freezer.  As I am, at best, skeptical about leftovers, I try to size things appropriately for single meals, hence 4 1-ish pound loaves. They will be vacuum sealed and frozen until I decide to pull one out in the morning, put it in a pan and set the delayed start timer on my oven so dinner can bake while I drive home from work. Ahh…  Good times.

Then came the spaghetti sauce. It turns out that, as an adult, I have come to appreciate the art form that is a good plate (bowl) of spaghetti.  Not the jar of Prego dumped on noodles comfort food of my childhood, but a true delicacy. Not that there’s anything wrong with the comfort food version I was raised on, don’t get me wrong, I still love that, too, especially with no meat gunking up my sauce, but sometimes you just need to bust a move over a slow simmering pot of tomatoey goodness.  So I did. I haven’t yet landed on THE sauce, the one that shines above all others and will be my signature sauce for all my days. Well I have, but Maria hasn’t shared her recipe and frankly,  I am perfectly content to pay her Mr.Me’s hard earned money to keep that secret. But it doesn’t mean I won’t continue to seek my own sauce recipe to end all sauce recipe searches. And I will say, last night’s recipe was darn good. Maybe not perfect, but darn good. I am not sad to have lots of leftovers!

I meant to take pictures along the way and share, but the thing is, I forgot. I think I was too busy being excited about the aforementioned win to remember my head. So I’ll just leave you this one:

And a promise to try and do better next time. Cuz you  never know. That might be the home-run of sauce recipes and I’ll want to Nikon the moment for posterity sake. Or maybe it’ll be a flop and I’ll want to destroy all evidence of having ever tried. Either way, I get to spend the day doing some of my favorite things and who can complain about that?!


One response to “Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!!!!!

  1. I can NEVER keep track of the days of the week. I would be so lost without my phone.
    All the food looks so good! nom

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