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Is it too early for the New Year’s Resolution

The only resolution I’ve ever really succeeded at was the one where I swore to stop making New Year’s resolutions. Cuz really, we all know we’re going to fail. It is not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. So why set yourself up to fail? Isn’t that exactly the opposite of the point? So generally I pass, no need to try to fool myself into thinking this year will be different.

But here’s the thing. I have a nestmate or two (Slytherin House, Copperheads Nest in the House Cup. They are awesome!) who have their whole yarn stashes listed in the stash page of Ravelry.  I love this. Its such a handy way to keep track of what you have.  Especially in combination with the internet and my iPhone. It makes it dreadful easy to do a quick check of my Rav pages to see if I have something in a particular colorway or weight, have ENOUGH of it to make a pattern I’ve fallen in love with, etc.

But there’s a catch…  You already know what this catch is… I am lazy. Plain and simple, I am my own worst enemy when it comes to organizing all the things. I love the concept, I hate the work.  So while my yarn stash is relatively well organized, it does not exist on Ravelry. Which makes me sort of sad it turns out.

So my thought, just a working theory, really, but what I’m thinking is this. If I start NOW by logging in anything new, it will at least give me a good inkling of my stash.  If I really want to get all kinds of crazy, I could, maybe, endeavor to start a backlog project.  Last week I took the first step… I took pictures of all of my IndigoDragonFly yarn. I will start logging it into Rav this week maybe.  And maybe I’ll do my malabrigo next. Probably not the stuff that’s already wound into skeins but the rest? Maybe. Cuz it sounds like a good idea. So I should resolve to do it. But maybe using the word resolution will put more pressure on the project and I’m just setting up for a fail…