Finished Object Friday #13

Hoorah for another lucky 13!  It’s been a bit since I’ve had a finish to report so this one felt like it’s been a while in coming!

That right there- that’s a multi-task project.  It’s one off my Year of Projects list. It’s one off my Giftmas list.  AND it was my final class for October in the Harry Potter Knit & Crochet House Cup! Can I get  a BOOYA!

This is, I think, my 4th fish hat. I’ll leave it to you to decide if it’s alive or dead in this case. I don’t know yet if it will go to one of the grandkids or my great-niece, I’ll decide when all three “girl” fishes are knit and I can decide which one seems to fit which personality best. But I love these hats! they are so  much fun to knit! both surprisingly simple and quick which is absolutely a bonus! And you can do an infinite number of color combinations to keep them interesting. By the time I’ve finished this year’s Christmas knitting I’ll be up to 6 fish hats. And probably won’t stop there. SO much fun!

Something tells me this might be my only finish for a while, too.  I have a lot of hats planned for this month’s HPKCHC classes, also all on my giftmas list, but right now I am focused on two (three?) things- adding squares to the EBI (also class work this month! YAY) and finishing my Camden Place Cardigan.  The cardi requires a stretch of uninterrupted knitting time to complete the right front.  I think technically the instructions call for me to finish the back before I do the right front but I am going to do things out of order.  I can get the time while watching football Sunday to do the right front and I don’t think the decrease rows for the back will take quite the same level of focus so that should be OK for TV knitting next week.  Hoping progress will continue quickly on this as the project needs to be completed before the end of the month so I can collect my 100 points for a completed  Order of the Phoenix mission in the cup.  I plan to put my focus on this before class work since it’s worth more points! And then when I have staycation during the week of Thanksgiving, I can knit like a banshee and finish off the hats which will net points, clear up the Giftmas list AND make a nice dent in my YOP list.  There will be more BOOYAing to come, I promise!


Want to see what other fiber addicts are up to? Head over to Tami’s blog and check it out!


9 responses to “Finished Object Friday #13

  1. Nice hat! Love to see it using by someone.

  2. I just love this hat! Not sure if it’s alive or dead – looks like it’s smiling but it has x’s in its eyes.

    • This is why I like the buttons. It can be perceived either way! And since the recipient will be 4 or younger, it seems right to go with the buttons instead of outright x’s!

  3. Love your fish hat and the colors you used. I enjoyed the first one I made and now I want to do another with big pink lips.

    • I honestly didn’t set out to use purple & green exclusively (well, save for the bright pink lips) but once I started I couldn’t stop myself! I am hoping it will be 3 year old approved!

  4. Very cute – and I LOVE when a project meets more than one goal at once :). I’m a huge fan of YOP multi-tasking – great job!

  5. What a cheerful fish! I always thought it looked like a fun pattern – still hunting for someone who’d want one!

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