Year of Projects 11/11/12

Before I get started on the post this week I think it’s important to take a moment to ask, have you thanked a Veteran today? Don’t think I’ve hugged any, but I’ve thanked a couple so if you’re reading and you are a Vet, know a vet or know someone serving in the military today, thank them on my behalf, too, please! Flippant as I may be, I an thankful every day for your service keeping my butt safe so I can sit on my sofa and knit!

Now, on to the less important topic of the day- my Year of Projects update. There actually IS an update this week! The reason I’m a bit late on posting is because I was too busy knitting to take the time to type!  But all that knitting paid off and my Camden Place Cardigan is FINISHED!  Ends woven, blocked (steam, not wet, but it got the job done) buttons sewn on, project turn in post completed on Ravelry in the HPKCHC, DONE! My history with sweaters is a bit spotty.  The first is in the projects we don’t talk about category.  Numbers 2 and 4 were successful but not necessarily fabulous, 3 I love with all my heart and plan to make another and 5 went right back to the place where #1 lives. The knitting was a  success but the finished sweater is about as flattering as a circus tent.  So I can’t say I went into #6 with boatloads of confidence… But I fell so in love with the pattern when I first saw it that I HAD to knit it.  So I did. And you know what? I LOVE it!

I had the usual “oh my crap I’ve spent a month of my life knitting this thing and it’s going to be too small I knew I should have made the next size up I’m a stupid twit and I’ll never knit another sweater again in my life” moment… If you’ve ever knit a fitted garment I suspect you understand this moment even if you’ve not had it yourself… But I forged on. And in the end, all is well! It fits darn near perfectly. I’ll probably wait ’till Tuesday so I can wear it the day my knit-appreciative coworker is in the office since she will properly ooh and ahh my handiwork and I’ll try to be a better blogger and actually show off the full finished photos on Friday, but here’s a tease. My favorite feature of the sweater- the waistband…

That’s really about it in knitting news this week. I’ve been focused pretty hard on finishing the sweater and had a crazy week at the office so the sock has made no real progress.  That should change this week and next week (Thanksgiving week here in the States) I have staycation so I expect a LOT of knitting and spinning to happen. Which is good. Cuz I have a lot of homework to catch up on for the Cup before the end of the month!

With that, I offer up this week’s progress report:

Socks (1 pair per month is my goal)

  1. Deranged Dad Socks (f/k/a Argyles for Dad) (Orgy of Greed gift) Cast on 7/10/12, on hiatus as of 8/13/12
  2. Celtic Beaded Socks Completed 8/9/12
  3. Baldersquash (Smart Ass Knitter’s World Domination Club June 2012 pattern)
  4. Plain socks for dad (another Orgy of Greed gift) Cast on 9/10/12, sock #1 finished 10/20/12, sock #2 cast on 10/21/12
  5. Masonic Lodge (possibe OoG gift for Mr.Me)
  6. Jaywalker
  7. Helen Socks
  8. Hoot & A Half
  9. Lenore
  10. Winding Road Socks Cast on 8/16 Finished 9/9/12
  11. TBD
  12. TBD


  1. Insouciant
  2. Camden Place Cardigan Started 10/9/12, Finished 11/11/12
  3. Emma’s Chemise
  4. Elphaba the sequel

Shawls, Scarves, etc

  1. Irish Hiking Scarf Cast on 7/28/12, Completed 7/31/12.
  2. Whipoorwhill Cast on 9/15/12 Still in time out.  Still not talking about it.
  3. Rockefeller– WestKnits Mystery Shawl KAL 2012. .
  4. Pogona
  5. Zuzu Petals for April (OoG)
  6. Wingspan– Cast on 8/17/12 off 8/24/12
  7. Boneyard– Cast on 7/21/12, off 8/15/12
  8. Charlie Chevron Scarf– Cast on 9/12, Cast off 9/17
  9. Clapotis Cast on 7/8/12, off 7/25/12


  1. Dead Fish Hat– Joey (OoG)
  2. Dead Fish Hat Maddy (OoG)
  3. Dead Fish Hat Audra (OoG) Cast on 8/14/12, Off 8/17
  4. Dead Fish Hat Onna (OoG) Cast on 10/26/12, Finished 10/27/12
  5. Irish Hiking Hat for Scottie Cast on 7/31, Finished 8/1
  6. Turn A Square for Mr.Me (OoG) Cast on 11/11/12
  7. Winter Hiking Hat for James (OoG) (Pattern subject to change on a whim!)

Just To Prove My Insanity

  1. EBI No new squares to report this week but I should be working on it in the next couple because 16 squares are slated for turn in for HPKCHC homework this month
  2. Tir Chonaill cast on 8/24, Finished 10/1/12
  3. Ball Sack Cast on 7/12/12. Cast off 7/13/12
  4. Tir Chonaill Trivet– Cast on 9/19, Cast off 9/20
  5. Stocking Garters– Cast on 9/14, Finished 9/15

Harry Potter House Cup Projects

  1. Skull & Crossbones Dish Cloth Cast on 10/1/12, Finished 10/1/12
  2. Granny Square Dish Cloth Cast on 10/8/12, Finished 10/8/12
  3. Teeny Tiny Snowmen  Cast on 10/12/12, Finished 10/12/12
  4. Granny Square Dish Cloth #2

Progress To Date:

Projects on the original list: 34

Projects on the list now: 41

OTN 4/22

Completed 19/41


6 responses to “Year of Projects 11/11/12

  1. You made a sweater that fits — THAT’S TOTALLY AWESOME! Looks very pretty too in the little teaser pic. WAY TO GO!

  2. The sweater looks great I can’t wait to see a full picture of it, congrats on finishing it! Sorry I’ve been an epic fail at keeping up with your blog.

  3. That Camden looks beautiful, well done! I agree completely with you on thanking Veterans.

  4. It does look nice. The waistband is my favorite part too!

  5. it..the fit looks great..congrats on getting it finished and yes, show it off everywhere…the waistband is great..but all the stitches look perfect…

  6. I can see why that’s your favorite part of the sweater, it’s awesome. Had to laugh about when you’ll wear it to work. No point in wearing it when duds are there that don’t understand or appreciate.

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