And then I knit a hat

You know how excited I was yesterday to report that Camden Place cardi? As much because it fits perfectly as because it means I get to cast on something new?  Well I did.  I cast on a hat last night., Jared  Flood’s Turn A Square Hat. And since it took so little time, I figured I’d show this one off now instead of making you wait until Friday.  Plus I need other people singing in their heads with me….

And I finished it.

For real, one night! And it fits Mr.Me reasonably well. Which isn’t to guaranty the hat is his, frankly it wasn’t long after I started that I started singing “One, Two Freddy’s Coming For You” as I knit…  Who hear remember’s that 1980s classic, A Nightmare on Elm Street? Yeah. Completely by accident I knit Freddy at hat. Or I knit Mr.Me (or some other unsuspecting person) a hat that Freddy will love. But hey, at least the recipient’s head will be warm as he’s being turned into ribbons of flesh, right?

“Three, Four better lock the door”

So anyway, the now creepy hat will be turned in later today for HPKCHC homework. Potions this time. Which is the reason for the color scheme. This month’s class prompt was to create something using colors opposite one another on the color wheel. Red and green fit the bill. But I was trying to avoid anything too “Christmasy” in the red and green arena. And these two balls of yarn happened to reside in my stash looking for a place to call home. So I went with it…

“Five, Six Grab your crucifix” 

And sang the little ditty in my head the entire time.  I think this hat cannot live in my house. Cuz it creeps me right the heck out.

But as a Prototype, I’ll call it a success. Mr.Me likes the fit. I like that it took one night to knit. And can easily use stash yarn. And knocks another project off my YOP list. Everybody wins.

Well, except the poor unfortunate soul about to  be turned to flesh ribbons. But, you know, these things happen…


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