The Wool Fairy Arrived!

Last spring after sheering, my BFF called (well probably emailed, you know, modern communication and all) asked if I wanted any of the wool.  For many years her hubby’s family has operated a Civil War sutlery with their wool being one of the big sellers, either roving, yarn or knitted socks, but they’ve done fewer and fewer events so have an excess of wool. And knowing I happen love spinning, I was offered first crack at the year’s haul.  I’m pretty sure YES fell outta my mouth (or fingers, you know what I mean) faster than one can blink.

Having no idea exactly what I was getting into in terms of volume I opted for 2 fleeces (is fleeces the proper word here?), one from Toby, their purebred Shetland, and one from last year’s lamb whose name I do not know but I rather enjoy saying Toby and the Lamb so I go with it. They dropped the fleeces (word or not, I’m going with it) off at a local processor, Hidden Valley Farm & Woolen Mill,  and left my contact information to call when it was finished.

So I waited.


And waited…


And waited some more.


Then I called. Since we were going


to be in the general vicinity of the processor a week ago Saturday, I figured I’d take a chance and call to see if it was ready. It was not. We weren’t sure when, but it was washed and waiting for finishing.


So I waited some more.  Then Thursday they called to say it was ready! I was over the moon excited! Can’t wait to see how much wool I netted and start spinning.  I did a little bit of mental math (not the kind with actual numbers, I’m not so good with that, just the if A + B then what kind) and decided it would be less expensive to have them ship it. The processor is about an hour away from home so gas for a 2 hour round trip plus the extra money that certainly would have fallen out of my wallet to buy other wool while at the processors AND the likely stop at the shop I went to for my spinning lessons meant the postage would have to be pretty substantial for picking it up to be cheaper.  So they mailed it Thursday.

Lookie what showed up on my doorstep Friday morning!!!

That’s just over 15 pounds of fluffy, squishy, soft, wooly goodness!  The white is my lambswool and the gray is the Shetland.  I started spinning some of the lambswool Friday and I’m in love! For real, it’s lovely lovely stuff. And going to keep me busy for a long time to come! HOLY CRAP 15LBS OF SHEEPY GOODNESS AND IT’S MINE ALL MINE!

Guess what I’m going to be doing during my staycation next week…


5 responses to “The Wool Fairy Arrived!

  1. Congrats on the awesome haul.

  2. Oh fantastic! Can’t wait to see it spun up!!

  3. I have some serious wool envy right now and I’m on a yarn diet, CURSE YOU FOR TEASING ME WITH FIBER-Y GOODNESS!!!

    • But it’s not yarn. It’s PRE yarn. That’s TOTALLY different….

      And just to really be evil. That pile of sheepy goodness came in at just over $1 an ounce… So much sheepy goodness!

      • I need to send my suri and huyaca off to a fiber mill. I want some of your fluffy balls of pre-yarn goodness. I went on a fiber diet toooo because I’m saving up for a spinning wheel for the wool I DO have and will never have the time to spin on a drop spindle, lol.

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