Finished Object Friday #14


FINALLY!  I have something to share on Finished Object Friday!  YAY!  Technically I think I’ve had things to share over the last couple of Fridays, I’ve just not gotten around to doing so. So without further ado, I give you Camden Place in all it’s glory (at least for those who haven’t Rav-stalked me and peaked at the project page already!)

I could not be happier with how this one turned out! It all started with a love affair with the waistband…

When I first took up the knitting as my primary craft I had a strange fear of cables. Not really sure why, I think I allowed myself to be influenced by the thoughts of others on the subject- cables were complicated, scary beasts I read, so I thought ooh scary! No cables.

But then I tried ’em. Cuz who doesn’t love the look of cables, right? And you know, it turns out, there’s not a thing about them that I find scary or difficult.  I’ve been known to slip a random cable into a plain vanilla sock to add interest and easy counting, just cuz I can.  So the waistband of this sweater with it’s cables bracketing the central leave pattern… Oh my swoon…  I love this detail. and knitting it was absolute joy. Every time I knit cables I catch myself staring in awe at what the simple manipulation of a couple of stitches to the front or to the back and changing up the order of the stitches totally transforms the fabric into something magical. So this sweater and I were destine to become one when first I saw it.

The bottom body was a very simple knit as well.  I think I had one false start because I suck at counting squares on the chart, go figure I get tripped up over THAT, but once I got my stitch count right it was a breeze and only took a couple night’s knitting time. I love when things go that smoothly!

The top was a little more of a challenge. Not that it was at all difficult, just that you have to really pay attention. The armholes and neck line are decreased simultaneously but at different intervals.  For one you decrease every 4th row 6 times and the other every 6th row three times and well, you get the picture. So the fronts took a bit longer because I needed to knit them when I was A) awake and B) had a stretch of time sufficient to knit the whole piece because otherwise it never would have come out right.  Like I said, not complicated, just needed to pay attention.

And in the end, I love love love the sweater! I wore it on Tuesday as promised so that my coworker could properly appreciate the sweater and it fits beautifully.  I may try to figure out a way to reinforce the buttonholes some but maybe not. That would be the only thing I find a little troubling. They are very stretchy! But overall, I love my finished sweater as much as I loved the photo in the Jane Austen Knits magazine last summer and I’m now one more in the happy column than the epic fail column which makes it an all around win.

In other knit news, I finished a 2nd Jared Flood Turn A Square hat which knocks another project off the Christmas knitting and YOP lists and I’ve started a somewhat stealthy project for my BFF’s birthday. Somewhat stealthy cuz sometimes she reads my blog and the surprise is too good to spoil if she happens to catch this one. I’ll hopefully have a photo or two to share for next week’s FO Friday. Since I”m about to start a week’s vacation I am sure I will have plenty of time to finish her hat and a couple other projects to share by next week!

In the mean time, head over to Tami’s blog to see what other fiberheads have been up to this week!


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