Staycation is Good

I’m happy to report day 1 was a raging success.  My big accomplishment on the day- I showered and put on clean pajamas!

Ok, that’s not completely true. I also managed to finish my Whippoorwill but for the weaving in of ends and blocking, but for real, in staycation terms, the showering and clean pjs was probably the bigger accomplishment.  It was just that sort of a day. I thought long and hard about going out, mostly because I need to return the stupid DVR to the stupid cable company AGAIN because the thing is a flaming piece of dung an we’ve finally managed to clear off our recorded list to the point where I can swap it without any real issue, but in the end I just couldn’t do it. The world did not need for me to participate in it.

So I sat on the sofa. I knit a lot. I watched a fair bit of crappy television. I even watched a soap opera… I haven’t watched Days of Our Lives in more than 10 years. I watched it yesterday. I probably won’t watch it again today, but I just had to go there once.  I spun a cute little skein of yarn from one of my recent dying experiments. I drank a lot of tea. All in all, it was good. I’m hoping today holds just as much promise…


One response to “Staycation is Good

  1. Sounds blissful- I’m sure days like that add years to our lives, they’re so therapeutic!

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