Shopping problem? Me?

Nah… Never…

Sure, I may have something in the neighborhood of 22 skeins of yarn expected to arrive between now and Christmas… 15 of them might have been ordered in a single sitting early Friday morning while Rich was still sleeping and I was getting ready to throw the interweb into a raging fire for the yarn shop’s server being “difficult” since a whole lot of us were trying to do the same exact thing at the same exact time and while I’d never walk into an ACTUAL knitting store and walk out with 3 sweaters worth of yarn in one fell swoop but I will absolutely fall prey to a mystery discount sale for Black Friday at the online vendor and, wait, where was I going with this? Never mind. Must not have been important… What IS important is that I have a HUGE fluffy box of wonderful MadalineTosh headed my way from my favorite online yarn shop, Eat.Sleep.Knit. An order that, rumor would have it, pushed me over the 10 mile mark for yarn ordered…

And even more importantly, courtesy of my favorite indi-dyer, indigodragonfly I have another, oh, lemme think…  Three skeins for giftapalooza, 2 for my Smart Ass Knitter’s World Domination Club subscription and at least 3 more skeins in that package for a total of, what’s that, 8 skeins expected sometime before Christmas? Do you get how much awesome that is? Sure, the indigodragonfly packages aren’t set to ship for a couple weeks yet, but that’s OK, it’s unlikely I will run out of yarn between say, now and 2015, so I can wait. Because when they get here, it’s like Christmas coming early. And the best part, I KNOW I am going to love everything the Postal Santa brings me. Really, what more could a girl possibly want out of this life?

In the mean time, I’ll be finishing the two, yes TWO, projects I managed to cast on since Friday…  First is my Jagged Edge Scarf, the August Smart Ass Knitter’s World Domination Club pattern.  It’s nom.  And it’s replacing a different shawl on my YOP list. cuz it turns out, I am just not feelin’ the Rockafeller.  Maybe some day, but this is not Someday. It’s Monday. And no matter how many times I’ve tried to convince myself I want to knit it, the reality is, I just don’t. So I’m not gonna you can’t make me no no never never. Ima knit Jagged Edge instead.  Which is just interesting enough to keep me on my toes but so easy it seems to fly off the needles. LOVE!

And then there’s Nerwin.  You’ll get to meet him later this week. Nerwin is almost as full of win as 23 skeins of yarn headed my way before Christmas. And that’s sayin’ something, right?


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