You know how sometimes you start with a great plan

and before you know it you’ve not just abandoned it but completely forgot there ever WAS a plan?

That’s kind of how I felt about the blog last week.  I started out with great intentions, updates day by day as I went, no need to plan ahead or schedule posts, just diary each day as it happens… That worked. Until about Tuesday…

The thing about staycation is, I get very distracted.  Shiny objects catch my eye and before you know it I’m entirely off track. But that’s OK cuz it’s what staycations are for. I spend enough time needing to stay on task the other 51 weeks out of the year. Thanksgiving week is time for me to do what I want when I want for as long as I want. And it’s good.

The week went a little something like this:

Monday- I gave serious consideration to leaving the house but eventually decided against it. The world did not seem to offer anything requiring my attendance in it that day. So I stayed in my jammies until mid-afternoon when I showered and put on new jammies.  I finished a scarf, a shawl and some blanket squares I think. And watched a soap opera. I haven’t watched Days of Our Lives in a dozen years. And probably won’t watch it again for another 12, but it was fun for a day.

Tuesday- errands. Exchanged the cable box, argued with the cable company. Three times. Scheduled an appointment with them for Friday. Also hit Penzey’s, Downtown Dough and where ever else I fancied. Nothing overly exciting, but it did keep me away from home for much longer than I wanted. SAD.

Wednesday- The highlight of the week, shopping with my Bestie!  As best we can figure, the last time we had a shopping date was about 7 years ago. Us and our other bestie, Jill (You know who you are. Move back so we can take you with us in 2014). We went to a book store where she could browse for a whole hour with no kids hanging off of her, no one whining about being bored, nothing. Just us and shelf after shelf of awesome book deals. Ahhh… Then we had a little time to kill so we hit the mall where I fed my foofie tea obsession at Teavana.  Seriously, I should not be allowed in there unsupervised. And certainly with a credit card. It’s not pretty… But I’ve been sipping hot, delicious beverages and, more importantly, warding off Mr.Me’s evil cold of Doom ever since. Then there were the 2 new pairs of Danskos I couldn’t pass up.  For real, knitting related shoes? Who doesn’t love that?

We finished out the day at the outlet mall where, it turns out, the Black Friday sales had already started but with no real fanfare so the place was a veritable ghost town. Total win!

Thursday marked my favorite day of  the year.  What’s not to love about a feast where there is no talk of calorie counting, dieting or, God forbid, butter substitutes? Where dessert isn’t an option, it’s a requirement. And whipped cream is layered on with abandon? And football? And elastic waist pants? And naps wherever, whenever, that cannot offend one’s hostess because it’s actually a compliment to her culinary prowess? And my turkey was positively picture perfect.

Friday- Mr.Me and I accomplished very little. We further spurred the local economy with a quick trip to the Duluth Trading Company that just opened in town and I headed to Target to risk life and limb for extreme movie collecting, finished up a couple more bits of Christmas shopping and headed back home to spend the day watching movies and knitting. I know, real shock there, I was knitting.  Just about as shocking as the huge order for yarn placed with Eat.Sleep.Knit. Which arrived yesterday, by the way. LOVE that!

Saturday and Sunday really followed Friday’s course. Grocery shopping, lots of football, some spinning, some knitting, generally all good things. well except the football. That pretty much sucked an egg. But sometimes that happens.

All in all, I think it was a great week. Its about as long as I can stand to stay home before losing my mind but a very nice break from the everyday work routine. I look forward to doing it again next year. Probably sans the shopping date, but maybe Dina can be convinced instead? OK, sure, we’d probably just go yarn and or fabric shopping, but hey, that’s all good, too, right?


2 responses to “You know how sometimes you start with a great plan

  1. Looks like an awesome week! I love that blue yarn too.

  2. sounds like a perfect staycation– maybe minus the cable company 🙂

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