Your Opinions, Please.

In the wide world that is the knitting community known as Ravelry, one must pick an identifying name. This identifying name must be unique from all other members but otherwise may be virtually anything of your choosing.  For many, their Ravelry name is reflective of a personality, life experience or location. For me, its the name I used for my username for EVERYTHING back when I was a “new” knitter (not really new, just new to the online community, new to the big girl yarn store, that sort of thing) and it worked just fine for a couple of years.

But then I started blogging.  And tweeting. And doing all the things on line. And now I’m sad cuz my Rav name doesn’t match my blog/twitter/anything else knit-related name. So I’ve been thinking about a change. I almost clicked the button last month but I realized mid-House Cup term would be a bad idea. Hard for the professors to find me and what not, so I decided I should wait until the break month.  Well, it’s 11 days into the break month so it’s poo or get off the pot time.

But before making such a monumental life changing decision, I thought I’d ask for opinions.  If you are a ravelry user, you can answer on my poll  here.  Keep in mind this poll is brought to you on in the wide world of the Completely Pointless And Arbitrary Group so the answers are, well, a bit arbitrary.  But just for kicks, Ima try out the WordPress poll thing and give you a chance to answer here, too, with an added incentive.  Clicky your favorite box and post a comment with your reason for selecting that answer by the time I get outta bed on Thursday morning (approximately 42 hours from now in case you care).   I will dive into the stash and pick a skein of something lurvely to send to the poster of my favorite comment. No random number generator or anything logical like that, this is going to be purely arbitrary since the Completely Pointless and Arbitrary Group group on Rav is where I’ve found my knitting home, my people, if you will, so the more random and arbitrary your answer is, the more likely you are to win. And on Thursday I will wing a skein of yarn off to a lucky winner AND offer up my final decision on this all important, life changing question.


7 responses to “Your Opinions, Please.

  1. TwistedStitcher is just a good name, you should totally have it on Rav!

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  3. TwisterStitcher, FGE (Fiber Godess Extraordinaire)…cuz everyone needs initials behind their name!!!

  4. Change to so fits with your motto of knitting so no one dies..keep the icon for a while, then switch to a tornado..made of yarn..
    I commented here cuz even tho I’m a ravelry user..i don’t belong to that group!

  5. Heck yeah…change your Rav ID!!! Where else but the internet can you assume any persona that your heart desires…Think about all of the 49 year old, 400 pound, men that pretend to be 15 year old girls with bodies of a Victoria Secret model, so they can chat-up some other teenage girl (ewwww)!!!!
    TwistedSticher (spelling and all) is who you are!!!

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