Back in the swing

It seems the last few weeks have rather gotten away from me. I’ve had the best of intentions when it comes to posting but somehow it just keeps not happening. I will try to do better, but this time of year chaos abounds and even the best of intentions often go unfulfilled. What can you do, right?

I am happy to report that the holiday preparations are well in hand.  The shopping is nearly done, the wrapping is well under way and the end of the year insanity at work is starting to feel more routine. I can’t honestly tell you if this is a good thing or a bad thing overall but I’m choosing good and moving on.

I’ve decided to skip a bit of this year’s holiday madness by calling a halt to the usual baking frenzy. This one is hard for me as it’s one of my favorite things to do, but the truth is I’ve fallen off the Weight Watchers wagon hard and in an effort to try to regain some footing, I had a little Come to Jesus meeting with myself and decided I don’t need the temptation. I might make Grandma’s Peanut Butter Fingers because I’m not sure I can call it Christmas without them, but that will be it. And I will give a lot of them away.

And I still haven’t figured out what to do about the tree.  Some of you may recall what the kittens did to the tree last year. If not, a small sample of the “fun:

The poor tree has continued to be assaulted since it was put back in the basement. It’s just not going to make it through another year. At least not without the help of a lot of string and duct tape. And even then I have my doubts. The kids are twice the size they were last year and the tree is no better. I think it’s a losing battle. So for now, I’ve adorn the living room with the soft glow of electric sex in the form of a Leg Lamp from Mr.Me

And Great Grandma’s foil tree is back on the sewing machine cabinet for the durration

The effect is better without the flash so you can actually see the colored lights reflecting on the punched aluminum, but you’ll have to use your imagination I guess cuz frankly I’m lazy and didn’t want to bust out the big girl camera tonight. That and the battery’s dead and I keep forgetting to charge it…  SO anyway that’s the sum total of decorating that’s taken place. And I’ve decided to be OK with that too.

The Giftmas knitting is nearly finished, too. One more fish hat and a sock and a half is all that’s left. The hat I don’t need until January and the socks, well, Mr.Me knows they’re for him but doesn’t know I was planning to knit them for him for Christmas so if they get done they get done and if not, he’ll get them for my birthday I suppose. It’s all good.


In the mean time I keep plugging away at my Jagged Edge.  It’s a reasonably fun knit but I’ll admit I a a little bored with it. I don’t really feel like casting on anything more time consuming that maybe another hat as I’m saving my project list for the start of the Winter term in the Harry Potter House Cup.  I am planning to sit for another OWL, this time in Arithmancy, by knitting 4 pair of socks in three months time.  Used to be this would not scare me at all as I knit socks all the time. Now, it’s going to be a bit more work since I knit socks as an afterthought while I knit all the things. But I think I can manage. Work should calm down after the new year and I have a few months before we start gearing up for another reenacting season so the forecast is good for lots of knitting time. Hoping to manage a sweater or 2 for classes or an Order Mission but we’ll see how the spirit moves once the term gets under way in January. Right now making too many plans just doesn’t strike me as the thing to do. Which seems odd. This is the time of year for planning and being frantic and as of right now, sipping my cup of tea with knitting by my side, I just don’t feel like it. I’m going to keep calm and carry on.

If you’re so inclined, please visit yesterday’s post, vote in my little poll and leave a comment so that I might choose my favorite comment and gift you with yarn.

Oh! And Happy Arron Rodgers Day!

(Photo shamelessly stolen from google images via Facebook, I admit it, but I had to do SOMETHING to celebrate 12.12.12!)


5 responses to “Back in the swing

  1. And I thought my cat gnawing on the low branches was bad! Naughty (adorable) kitties…

  2. Kitties in trees are always fun!… We’ve had to tie ours up for years now.. Great leg lamp..I’ve always thought one would be great in the sitting room..Is that foil tree kittie proof..they’ll be pooping tinsel forever .. or is it a solid piece of foil.. Gonna have to google why 12/12 is Aaron Rogers day..

    • We did that with my parent’s old tree because the cat we had liked to nap in it but this is a whole ‘nother brand of crazy. The little ones WRESTLE in the tree! Spectacular to watch, not so good for ornament or tree survival!

      Foil tree is solid so no tinsel poops but they do occasionally try to gnaw on it. Not cool. They are better this year than they were last year, at least. So there may be hope for a real tree in a year or two

      And Aaron Rodgers day- In Packer Nation, we like to make our own holidays surrounding our favorite players. So our Super Bowl winning QB wears #12. It having been 12/12/12 was too much to pass up so Wisconsin declared it Aaron Rodgers Day.

  3. OMG!!!!!!! The lamp is AWESOME!!!! First, Best. Christmas. Movie. Ever!!! Two years ago we sort of had the same Christmas dinner, not b/c dogs destroyed our, but b/c my SIL caught a nasty stomach bug on Dec 23rd and our oven stopped working that morning. Christmas Eve saw all of us including my DH’s 90 year old Grandmother have Korean BBQ. She said it was the best Christmas Dinner she’s ever had and was very disappointed when we didn’t do it again last year.

    • I could only love my soft glow of electric sex more if it were the full sized lamp… Cuz yes,BEST.CHRISTMAS.MOVIE.EVER!!! And I love the dinner story! We did Christmas dinner at the local Chinese restaurant a few years back just because and it was fun, but not as epic as yours!

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