Arbitrary Bunny Staplus!

You know how sometimes someone has an idea, then someone else joins in and suddenly the idea runs wild and all the cool kids are joining in? Yeah… me either. But somehow I found myself in the middle of one of these situations on Ravelry last week.  In the Completely Pointless and Arbitrary Group group (which should really come as no surprise. I have definitely found my people there).

I can’t necessarily say it started innocently since it started with one of those Nativity scene photos that you’re pretty sure is setting you on a course to a southern “retirement” but somehow you can’t help but laugh anyway… Here. It started here…

While none of the CPaAGers claims credit for it’s creation, it really oozes all that is good about the group…  Three wise Vaders, Bill & Ted, Batman? Definitely CPaAG. Only the thing is, we can’t leave well enough alone. There was room for arbitrary improvements. Like the addition of bacon. And knitting. And a kilt. And bunny ears, and a cake waffle… And, well, really, there just aren’t words. I just hafta show you…

Being us, it didn’t end there. Suddenly the bunny ears took on a life of their own. And a new holiday was born. Bunny Staplus.  We’ve spent a solid week discussing the finer points of this very important holiday, it’s traditions, its wonderment. And it is good.  You may find the details here. Then you may choose your 23 arbitrary and celebratory days to spread the joy of Bunny Staplus to the masses. Or you may just sit back, shake your head and declare me insane. But I have to tell you,  I have not enjoyed this sort of sustained belly laughter in a long time. And it is good…

But Blingee makes it better…



5 responses to “Arbitrary Bunny Staplus!

  1. That’s just way too funny.

  2. i’m so happy to be a part of this… i think.

  3. Oh man, I hadn’t been able to figure out where this Bunny Staplus stuff started. I heart this so hard.

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