Plotting… Plotting… Always Plotting…

You’d think that one whose still not quite finished with the current year’s Christmas knitting might not be in such a great position to start plotting NEXT year’s Christmas knitting already, wouldn’t you? But it turns out there’s a good chance you’d be wrong if you thought it wouldn’t happen anyway.  Here I sit, Mr.Me’s Giftmas socks fresh off the needles and a fish hat to go before the end of January (I’ve known all along that I didn’t need to finish that one until sometime in January. As the planner of the party I need it for, I am in full control of setting my own deadline. Smart, huh?), and I’m already contemplating what to knit for next year.  It’s a disease, I tell you…  But when people either truly love what you gift them or are at least smart enough to properly fake it, it makes it hard not to start the plotting right away!

It doesn’t help, either, that the start of my second term in the Harry Potter Knit & Crochet House Cup is just around the corner.  Sorting was announced this week and I am back in the dungeon with the Slytherins and couldn’t be happier about it.  I learned a lot about the game in my first term, what will and won’t work, what I can and can’t accomplish in a prescribed amount of time and I am climbing the walls with anticipation for the start of the second term.

Just in the last few days I’ve firmed up my plans for my second OWL. Last term I successfully completed the Charms owl by spinning 1000 yard of 2 ply laceweight yarn. This term I’m going to try for my Arithmancy OWL by knitting 4 pair of socks. As a constant sock knitter for nearly three years you wouldn’t think there’d be any great challenge to knitting 4 pair of socks in three month’s time, but it turns out my time in the Dungeon has broadened my knitting horizons to the point where I want to knit EVERYTHING. Right now! GAH! This is not so good for someone who tries to have no more than 2 active projects at a time plus a third in the Epic Blanket of Insanity…

What’s worse, this OWL proposal of mine? They make us…  I hope you’re sitting down… SWATCH. EVERYTHING. UGH!  This part is driving me more than a little insane. It’s socks. I’ve knit dozens of them. I know what fits my feet and make adjustments where necessary to make sure they do. I generally admit fairly early in the process if something isn’t going to work and start over. But here I sit. Because it’s four pair of socks with four different patterns, I have to swatch FOUR socks.  The rules say I need to knit the toe and 1-2″ of the pattern as my swatch. This means I am going to have FIVE WIPS. FIVE.  I’m getting all twitchy just thinking about it! Because for real. FIVE.  I don’t do five WIPS. I hate it. But I love the game. I love the meaningless points. I love cheering my Snake-mates on to claiming the house cup. And I want the 150 points a completed OWL nets. I NEED those points. I have no idea why. I just do. So I am going to swatch. Four stinkin’ socks started by January 1. Because there’s a prize drawing I qualify for if I submit my OWL proposal before midnight on the first day of the term. And I NEED to qualify for the prize drawing.

Then there’s the course work.  I need to complete at least one class assignment per month to maintain sorting priority for the next term. Easy peasy. I have 2 plans in place for January alone. And more tickling at the back of my head.  First up is going to be my Scatness Tam.  I can’t explain why I fell in love with it anymore than I can explain why I love my husband, I just know I do. I decided I am confident enough in my spinning abilities now that it’s time to start creating more projects with my own yarn, so I have the yarn spun, washed, dyed and ready to roll on January 1 as soon as I figure out which class prompt this is going to fit into.  And I need to knit that last fish hat. So that’ll be another class.  And did I mention my Jagged Edge scarf that’s not finished yet? Started that during the break month (or it might have even still been November. I forget. This month is sort of a blur) so that will be my detention project. I’d like that to be done in time for a January 1 turn in, too, since it’s a Slytherin thing to bomb detention on day one of the month, but with four socks to swatch and only a few days till January, that might not be possible. Something tells me the hat will be cast on before the scarf is finished, though. Unless I need the needles I’m using on the scarf. That would suck. I should check the book later…

Then there’s another Order of the Phoenix mission. Do I want to undertake another of those? Should I try for my Order of the Serpent First Class for my second term? I didn’t mean to  get it in fall but it happened. Remember the thing about getting all the points? Yeah… I get sucked in. What can I say.  And lets not forget spinning. I need to spin more. And spinning is great for homework because it gets lots of bonus points. I love bonus points!

So anyway… You see where I am going with this. Nothing distracts better than plotting up a great bunch of fiber play. Next up will need to be some camera play since I still need to figure out my 50mm Prime lens… Hardly seems i’m going to have time for work with all the pictures that need taking and knitting that needs, well, knitting. Sadly though, there are still bills that need paying and yarn that needs buying so work apparently still needs doing. Oh well. A girl can dream, right?


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