WIP Wednesday #15



Holy crap it’s been a long time since I’ve participated in Work In Progress Wednesday! I’m not entirely sure how that’s happened…  I have constantly been working on progress, just not so much getting around to posting about it. I shall endeavor to do better from now on.

As you may have gathered from my last Year of Project’s post, there are a lot of things on the needles for me right now. A LOT. At least for me.  I am currently sitting on 4 partial socks! I had to cast each of them on as swatch samples for my Arithmancy OWL and it makes me positively twitchy to have FOUR socks going at one time! So I’ve hidden two of them away in the spare room and am just focusing on two right now.  Even that is making me a little twitchy, but the reality is two of the pairs I’ve cast on are good travelers and two are better at homers, so I have one sock in my knitting bag to take along wherever I go (Honestly, I mean everywhere. New Years Eve I was stuck in line at CostCo so I pulled out my scarf in progress.  I was between socks so my Jagged Edge was traveling with me at the time… ), and another in the yarn bowl at home.

The at home project is Staked (non Ravelry link in case you aren’t a Raveler. But you really really should be so sign up already!).  The pattern looks intimidating as all get out.  Any time I get a pattern with no “rest” rows (one row pattern, one row knit the knits, purl the purls) I get a little freaked out and while it turns out there are semi-rest rows in the Staked pattern, they are still not quite as simple as just knit blindly- they are twisted stitches following cables that might be two knits or one knit one purl, basically you need to focus your way through every row. But it turns out, three or four pattern repeats in on the first leg, it really isn’t near as complicated as it looks.  Challenging, but its all starting to make sense and I’m needing to refer to the pattern less and less. I LOVE when that happens!

Mind you, it’s the first time I’ve knit a sock from the top cuff down in better than 2 years and I’ve completely forgotten the process for turning the heel so that part is a little intimidating right at the moment. I’m hoping it ends up being much like riding a bicycle…  I’ll report on that later.

The second pair being actively worked is Lenore (Also non-Rav link, see how nice I am today, spreadin’ the love around…).  Keri at When Did I Become A Knitter recommended this pattern a while back and it’s been sitting in my queueue  ever since.  It’s a relatively simple 2 row repeat lace pattern but for the cuff so it’s GREAT on the go knitting.  I’ve worked on them twice at lunch and I think by the time lunch is over today I will be starting the gusset increases.  Since this is a simple enough pattern, I am converting it to a toe up knit. I’m not sure yet how that’s going to work out for the cuff pattern but I’ve knit lots of other socks upside down so I have faith that all will be well. And if not I will just deny anything is wrong anyway and carry on.  Not like folks often see the tops of my socks anyway!

Both socks are being knit in yarns from Indigodragonfly in Doctor Who colorways.  For Staked I’m using their MCN Sock in “Don’t Blink” and Lenore is the “Tardis” colorway in MCS Sock.  LOVE both yarns. Seriously LOVE.  Both of the other socks I will be knitting for my OWL are in Doctor Who series yarns from them as well.  On one hand I’m sad to take them out of my stash because they look so pretty in there, but on the other I’m glad to use some of them so I have an excuse to order more! Not that I need an excuse to order awesome yarn, but sometimes it’s nice just the same!

The last project to report on today isn’t technically on the needles yet, but since I’m using my own yarn, I think I can justify it’s inclusion.  I dyed the yarn and caked it up already which I think counts as an official start on a project using hand-spun, don’t you agree? Kate Davies Designs is one of the first blogs I discovered when I started blogging myself and I have to admit I’m more than a little obsessed with her designs.  Classic lines, complex-looking colorwork that turns out to be relatively simple to actually knit, just, well, ahhh….  So when her new book was released I HAD to order it right away. And I will not lie, there are several patterns in the book I am itchin’ to get on the needles, but the first is going to be the design from the cover- her Scatness Tam.

I love the strong colors in this pattern and since I live in the great white north, a good hat is never a bad thing to have.  One of my goals for this year is to use more of my own yarn in my knitting as I’ve reached the point with spinning where I can confidently turn out usable quantities of yarn of a particular weight, so this struck me as a great pattern to give a go with both spinning and dying specifically for a project.  It leads to the larger goal of eventually knitting the Ursula Cardigan (Rav link this time. HA) from the same book.  As I find myself sitting on an epic pile of both purebred Shetland wool and lambswool (first shearing from last year’s lamb from my best friend’s farm), I have plenty of wool to spin up for the cardi but it’s a bit intimidating to start that big so the hat seemed a reasonable compromise. Get my feet wet dying to order, so to speak, test drive my yarn for consistency, twist, etc, and have a pretty little hat to pop on my head when the weather outside is frightful. Win all around!  With a little luck this might just go OTN this evening!


Want to check out what other knit-bloggers are up to? Head over to Tami’s blog and have a poke around!


9 responses to “WIP Wednesday #15

  1. I love that book– ordered it as soon as I could, and have spent some quality time pouring over it since its arrival! I’m so inspired by your spinning skills, and I’m really looking forward to seeing your projects as they progress.

    • Isn’t the book fabulous?! I gained so much confidence in my skills when I knit Kate’s Tir Chonail that I feel like tackling anything from Colours of Shetland won’t be so difficult! So of course I have to make it challenging by adding the spinning element. Why can I never be satisfied with the easy way? LOL

  2. HAHA. I really like that you had to hide two projects from yourself to get them out of your mind. If I tried that, I’d lose whatever I was working on and it’d never get done. The yarn you dyed for your upcoming Shetland project looks gorgeous. The colors seem very rich and warm. I bet it’s going to be superb.

    • I’m not saying it’s going to work, but I need to not have them staring me in the face! I have a deadline of March 31 to get all 4 pairs finished and plenty of reminders to keep me from forgetting about them, I am just trying to keep them from overwhelming me, especially since I want to knit other things while working on the socks,too!

  3. I’m get exactly the same sort of twitchy when I have too much stuff on the needles. Luckily, everything you’re working on is FAB! I ❤ my Kate Davies hat, and now you've convinced me to pull my mittens out of hibernation. Colorwork FTW!

  4. I’ve just started with the wip wednesdays again I’m not sure why I’ve not joined in yet either but anyway here I am. Really great socks!

  5. I love the colors that you have chosen for the Scatness Tam. It is going to look fabulous.

  6. I really like Staked socks pattern and the yarn you’ve chosen. Love the colors you’ve chosen for the colorwork tam.

  7. It’s the second place I’ve seen that Kate Davies book today – I’m glad to see everyone is enjoying it.

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