The One That Got Away From Me

You know how sometimes you go in with a plan. A simple plan, one you know you can accomplish in a day’s time and move on to the next plan? And the balance of the universe is perfect?

And then this little voice at the back of your head whispers sweet nothings into your ear and suddenly your neat, tidy little plan, the one that you were going to start and finish in a 24-36 hour stretch, suddenly blows sky high and you’ll be lucky to be done within the month?

Yeah… That plan. I know I cannot be alone in this.  Why do we give in to that little voice? Oh. Wait. I know. It’s because giving in to the little voice means going from a simple little project like this

Easy.  I’ve knit three or four of these simple beanies in the last few months. They take around 150 yards of worsted yarn and a few hours knitting time, one can easily be turned out in an average Sunday afternoon watching football (by the by, football is a sore subject today. I don’t want to talk about it. How ’bout them Brewers?) I need a green & silver hat to turn in for Defense Against the Dark Arts for this month’s Harry Potter Knit & Crochet House Cup homework.

But somewhere round about 11:30 Saturday night, in a fit of sleeplessness, I got out of bed, grabbed my trusty Cascade 220 Superwash in green and silver and white and I headed for the couch.

What’s that you ask? Where did the white come from? Well isn’t that the question of the hour.  The white is what happens when the voices tell me a simple hat isn’t nearly as cool as a monster long pointy stocking cap with a giant pom pom at the end.  You know, like Schwartz’s hat in A Christmas Story.  This one…

*shamelessly stolen from the WWW

Yeah… That hat.  I must knit it. Only in green and silver and white. Because SLYTHERIN!

So instead of a simple one day knit, I got this far…

I have a long…. L—O—N—G way to go.  I started decreasing last night. I need to go from 90 stitches down to 10 stitches. Or maybe 8.  I am decreasing two stitches every 4th row.  That means I have 140 rows left to knit. I got through about 90 rows yesterday. But I have this whole job thing that seriously cuts into my knitting time during the week…  I’m hoping MAYBE to get through 30 rows tonight. So I suppose in theory that means the hat should be off the needles in time for Finished Object Friday. But I also need to have a sock finished by Friday in order to stay on pace for my OWL. And sometime in here I need to start spinning for Charms. And then there’s the Potions project I have to start over (good thing the needles are on order and won’t get here until later in the week, right?). And something else. I am pretty sure there’s one more class I planned to turn in this month. Oy. I’m gonna be a busy girl.  Yay for taking Thursday off to treat myself to an all day knit-athon for my Birthday.

Hmm… That reminds me. I’ll need TV and movies to knit by. Please feel free to suggest your favorites.


2 responses to “The One That Got Away From Me

  1. I’ve never knitted one of those long pointy hats. I’m looking forward to seeing yours finished.

    As far as movie recommendations, I can’t take my eyes off my knitting without screwing it up royal. So, I started up an audible subscription and I listen to books while I knit. At first, I tried to educate myself and listened to non-fiction but couldn’t take much of it so I’ve switched over to entertaining brainless fiction- which I love.

  2. Ohhh yes. I know that feeling all too well. It’s almost as dangerous as the “None of these patterns look like what I want. I’ll just write my own real quick” feeling.

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