It just keeps growing


YAY Wednesday! This week I am particularly excited to see Wednesday. First, WIP Wednesday- what could be more fun? Then, Bacon Rice Krispies for my birthday treat! Cuz bacon! Plus, it’s quilting night at Ye Olde School House where I will knit and have MORE bacon Rice Krispie Treats! (Cuz really, can you ever have too many of those?). And most importantly, it’s the end of my work week! I get 3 day weekends every other week so they aren’t too unusual, but since tomorrow’s my birthday I decided to take the day off and make it a FOUR day weekend! I’m so excited I could spin in my chair and giggle all day! I did do one grown up thing and make an eye doctor appointment for tomorrow since I’m long over due and I could get in without having to take time off work, but the rest of my day is planned as sitting in my pajamas, sipping tea, watching girly TV (You know, Downton Abbey, Doctor Who, that sort of thing), snuggling with kittens and knitting. Can’t think of a better way to kick off a new year, can you?

As for the Work in Progress, I continue to plod away at my first Lenore sock.  It is by no means a difficult knit but it’s mostly on the go knitting so I’ve only been working on it at work recently.  I’m probably about half done with the leg and it’s the only thing I brought along for quilting tonight so I should make some good progress. Which is good because in order to stay on track for my OWL I need to have one sock done by Friday. I can do that, no problem… I hope.

At home I’ve been working on the hat.  You know, the one I mentioned on Monday.  The simple little one day and done beanie…  The one that looked like this by Monday morning:

I’ve made progress! Notable progress.  Forty rows knit on Monday and fifty on Tuesday! Mind you, the rows are getting shorter the farther along I knit, but still, 90 rows in 2 nights time isn’t such a bad pace! And last night I had to switch to different needles. The 16″ I started it on just wasn’t cutting it anymore. It was getting a little too difficult to manipulate the stitches around, so I switched to my brand spankin’ new Signature Needle Arts circular.

They had a sale recently so I finally gave in and ordered one of the needles to try. And a small part of me hoped it wouldn’t be everything I knew it could be. Of course it is. And more. Honestly, $42 is a LOT of money to spend on a single circular needle. I know this. And it is hard to bring myself to admit that it’s totally worth the money. But it is.  I still love my HiyaHiya sharps which are comparable as far as the actual sharp points go, but I think the extra length in the taper of the SNA’s make them special.  Where my HiyaHiyas will sometimes give me trouble with splitting the yarn as I make new stitches, the SNAs just glide through like a hot knife through butter.  They’re amazing. I am going to want more. Wait. What am I saying. I already want more. I want all the needles. But I’ll try to build a collection slowly, only going with my most used sizes. Cuz that’s what a reasonable person does, right? And I want to be a reasonable person. But I am fighting like hell to keep myself from going to their website and ordering more NOW!  The question comes up on Ravelry every few months, are Signature Needles really worth the money? I can honestly answer yes. If they are within your budget and you knit a lot, they are absolutely worth it. Treat yourself to a set because gosh darn it, you’re worth it.

But I digress. The hat.  The hat looks like this now:

Seriously… That is a LOT of hat!  It measures something around 27″ long right now.  And I still have a solid 6″ left to knit!  That’s almost THREE FEET of hat! It makes me giggle every time I think about it.  It’s goofy, no one needs 3 feet of hat, but there’s something so awesomesauce about it I can’t help but love it! 3 feet of Slytheriny goodness finished with a big fluffy pompom. It’s gonna be EPIC!  If I’d brought it to quilting I probably could have easily finished it tonight, but I need to finish the sock.  So I’ll finish the hat tomorrow. And hopefully show it off in a Finished Object Friday post later this week…

In other news, Lily earned herself lines in detention last night.  This sweet innocent little thing (Cone of shame was an accessory for her, not a necessity. She was showing solidarity for her brother)

You wouldn’t think there was a sassy bone in that fuzzy little body, right? WRONG.  She earned herself time writing lines last night.  They said:

“Mama’s blocking mats are not food”

Apparently when last I used this one it didn’t make it back into the closet.  It landed on the futon where it eventually was discovered and snacked on.  She’d have gotten away with it for quite some time had she not gnawed off a few larger chunks that she eventually hoarked up.  Mr.Me showed me the bits when I got home which we studied, analyzed, racked our brains trying to figure out, studied some more and eventually I decided it really was my blocking mat and she’d managed to hide it under the futon for future snacking. Little turdbiscuit.  It’s safely tucked away in the closet now, but hopefully her detention lines have reinforced the lesson. Of course, being a cat she didn’t actually WRITE her lines and I’m sure think’s I am the crazy one here, so I expect she’ll do it again next time I slip and leave one out. Always an adventure in my house…

And finally, from the “Why do I stay in Wisconsin?” file… This was the sight that greeted me on my way out of the office on Monday.

My car literally fused itself to the ground with an icicle.  Crazy!


6 responses to “It just keeps growing

  1. Oh that lil sneak – I can’t believe she HID it! too funny! Glad you found it now though … that sort of thing ingested can really cause some problems with blockage.

    I am LOVING your Slytherin hat!

  2. That is a TON of hat. The stripes look really great. I also love the colors you are swatching with. You’re making me want to breakout of my “neutral zone”

  3. I simply cannot think of a better way to spend a day than you have planned – knitting, playing with kitties, and watching favorite shows on TV – devine!

    That really is SOME hat!!

  4. I didnt realisse what was going on with that hat until you said it was HP related. That is actually insane, but looking good 😀

    icicle! amazing!

  5. oh, I also wanted to say that can needles make thaaaaat much of a difference to your knitting? I’m still a beginner… and am very happy with my el cheapo set of bamboo circulars attached with a plastic tube i got from ebay for $10. That’s $10 for about 15 sizes!!!! Is that wrong?

    • Not wrong at all! That’s what makes it fun, that we each like different things!

      As for needles making a difference in your knitting, eventually, yes. I definitely knit faster with sharper needles than blunt ones. And way faster with circulars than DPNs or even straights. But of course your experience may vary!

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