Things I learned in my 38th Year

You might notice I chose to publish today’s update at a rather absurd hour of the morning.  At least it’s absurd at my age. But it’s exactly my age that prompted the posting time.  Because it’s when I made my way into the world one more than 38 years ago.  (Yes, I know, I could type the ACTUAL number that comes after 38 but before 40, but the thing is, 9s haven’t necessarily been my best years so I’m really rather reluctant to acknowledge the ACTUAL number. 40 seems way less scary right now).

So anyway, birthdays always seem to be a time for reflection on where I’ve been, where I’m going, what I want to try from here, that sort of thing.  So I thought today I’d share with you the tally of things running through my head on my cake day…

  1. I have truly and completely embraced my inner weird girl. I am not sure I could ever have qualified for normal anyway, but now I know it’s OK to be me. It’s OK to knit in public if it makes me happy. It doesn’t disturb others so what they think is no nevermind to me. This is my take on most things. If it isn’t harming someone else, I don’t need to fit into whatever mold society has created for me. I just need to be happy with myself.
  2. There is very little in this world that cannot be improved with a cup of tea.  Dessert, a stressful day, sleeplessness, tea can improve it all.  And I’ve embraced my inner tea snob with a vengeance. Thanks to Tevana’s Tea Voyager travel kit, I never leave home without an infuser and a couple of choices in loose tea (I prefer loose to bags now. Snob, I know, but I’m good) and I have about a dozen different varieties at my disposal both in the office and at home. Tea is good.
  3. Coffee maybe isn’t so bad either, if it’s brewed right. I gave in to commercial pressure and bought a Keurig. Took it to work. Got hooked. Bought another one for at home. I now start the day with a cup of coffee. Then I switch to tea. Because I like it more, but coffee packs a bigger morning caffeine punch. Caffeine is my friend in the morning.
  4. Turns out I’m a pretty fast knitter. This one really surprised me. Absolutely didn’t see it coming. But since I decided to play along in the Year of Projects group on Rav, it turns out I get a lot more done than I thought I did.
  5. Fourteen years later I can still declare honestly that my Kitchen Aid stand mixer is the best birthday gift I’ve ever gotten.  Sorry Mom and Dad, you were definitely no slouches in the gift department but the Kitchen Aid, it’s a touchdown, two point conversion, kickoff fumble recovered for another touchdown, onside kick run back for a third with a Super Bowl victory on top. It’s that good.  The only small regret I have in this department is that I got mine before they came in so many awesome colors. Cuz I’d really love the blue one. But the white one I have is still a workhorse and will continue to be so for at least another 14 years. Probably more.
  6. The birthday 10 years ago that really cemented my dislike of 9s brought with it some really rough times but through it all a great husband, family and fiends have been there to keep me focused on the good stuff.  I have a lot of kids to spoil (then send home to mom and dad), the ability to sleep in as late as my spine will let me and really all a girl could ask for out of life.
  7. This year I have really grown as a spinner and a knitter.  I’ve turned out 1000 yard of lace weight yarn (when I was only aiming for 800!). I’ve steeked.  I’ve designed a pattern or two.  I’ve grown my stash by far more than I’ve decreased it but it’s all good.  At least I won’t run out of things to knit anytime soon!
  8. Pressure cookers aren’t scary. They are miracles of modern man.  Anything that lets me turn out homemade beef stew in less than an hour after a day at the office or cook a Cornish hen in 20 minutes that needs to be fished out with spoons because forks make it fall apart is OK in my book.  I’ll admit I thought my MIL might have been a little crazy at the start but it took exactly 2 dinners to change my mind.
  9. Mankind has reached the pinnacle of evolution.  We have a bacon of the month club! That’s right. 2 pounds of gourmet bacon delivered to your doorstep once a month. I think the only thing that could possibly improve this wonderment is if they ship a chef with it to cook my bacon and serve it to me in bed. Otherwise, there just isn’t anywhere else to go. And I scored major wife points for the discovery of this miracle of modern man and ordering it for Mr.Me for Christmas.
  10. No matter what the label says, sometimes sock yarn is not suitable for socks.  I guess this isn’t really “new” information, I’ve just finally accepted it as fact. I LOVE my Malabrigo, the sock yarn is the first “big girl” yarn I really fell in love with, but no matter how soft and lurvely it is, I need to save it for knitting things other than socks. It just doesn’t hold up well enough over the long haul.  I get about one sock-year’s worth of life out of a pair of Malabrigo socks. Which, while not horrid, is just not really enough life in relation to the amount of time it takes to knit them.  So I need to either start knitting the heel out of something more substantial (time to learn an after thought heel maybe?), knit the entire foot out of something more substantial or save my Mal. sock for other knits. I can still love the yarn, just not for footwear…

3 responses to “Things I learned in my 38th Year

  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope it’s a great day and wonderful year.

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