I haz a proud

I know it’s WIP Wednesday, not F/O Friday, but here’s the thing…  I really have nothing on the needles worth showing off. For real. The only thing I have in the works right now is the start of my third OWL sock (2nd Lenore, if you want to know which). I suppose technically the start of a Terpander and an Helen Sock are also OTN but only so far as the parts I had to finish for my swatches…  Nekkid needles would make me all kinds of twitchy but for the fact that I finished my Scatness Tam with just enough time to block it before bed last night so there wasn’t time to cast on something new. And I have the sock in my bag to work on at lunch or at home if necessary so I’m OK for now. But I’m fairly certain something else will be cast on at some point today…

In the mean time, I couldn’t wait for Friday to show this one off. I started my Scatness last Friday while watching a LOT of Breaking Bad. Worked on it over the weekend and honestly thought I’d have finished it by Monday but I got distracted by some spinning.  Still, 5 days for a colorwork hat isn’t so bad, right? So here it is…

I am particularly proud of this project because it marks a new milestone in my fiber world.  it’s the first time I found a pattern I liked, spun the wool to match the yarn needed for the pattern, dyed it and knit the finished product! There is definitely something to be said for completing a project 100% on your own!

The wool is part of the lambswool I got back from the processor last fall.  The donor sheep is part of my bff’s little flock and it was my first experience spinning both lambswool and fresh from the small-scale processor wool. There are definitely some differences in the fiber prep this way than from a larger commercial vendor, but I have to admit I love spinning sheep I know! My consistency in the finished yarn wasn’t quite as good as I’d thought it was while spinning it but it was still vastly improved from a year ago and stayed within the weight of yarn I was aiming for. It helps that knitting the yarn really tends to even out the inconsistencies and the finished fabric doesn’t look near as wonky as some of my bits of yarn might have led me to expect!

To dye I turned to my favorite medium- icing gels.  I prefer to use the Americolor gels as they are a little more liquid than the Wilton gels which makes them dissolve a bit easier and blend a bit nicer.  Dying is still a learning process for me so not all of the colors came out quite as I’d imagined but I am still very pleased with the overall project.  I went on the advice of a few other Ravlers who’d already finished the hat to see what their actual yarn consumption was for each color and dyed quantities similar to that. I knew the yardage called for in the pattern was far greater than actual use because you can’t buy 1/8 of a skein in a certain color and I didn’t want to dye miles more than I needed as there’s too much potential to have not enough to make another project but too much to just sit in a pile unused. Came out perfectly. I have some of each color left but not so much that I feel I over did it.  Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of projects on Ravelry that use small quantities of leftover yarn so I’m sure I’ll find SOMETHING to use them on!

Now I just need for it to finish drying so I can show it off on my head instead of on my dinner plate!

If you’re curious what other fiber addicts are up to, head on over to Tami’s blog to check out some other WIP in Wednesday posts!


2 responses to “I haz a proud

  1. That tam is amazing!

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