Stop the presses!

I have finally knit a hat that does not make me look like a chemo patient.

Especially pleasing since this is the first one I spun, dyed and knit!

Of course, these days, the chemo patient look is warmer. So this is not an unusual sight,

Except for the cat. He was just in a mood last night and wouldn’t let me put him down.

But at any rate, I think my mother would be proud… Hat. Scarf. Mittens. Coat. She argued for years to get me to wear all that crap. Took becoming a knitter to make it happen.


7 responses to “Stop the presses!

  1. Did you wear warm boots and not cute boots to complete the look?

    • No boots, just a good sensible shoe. But if I HAD worn boots, yes, warm, not cute. Winter in Wisconsin is not the time to worry about fashion…

  2. Love love love the new hat! Also, I’m gobsmacked by the mitten. My hands need teeth! What pattern is that?

  3. Very cool! The mittens are excellent too!

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