January In Review

So it would seem I still can’t QUITE keep myself in the swing of all things.  I blame the fact that December and January are a bit challenging in the office. Being the person in charge of the book keeping, I get hit with a lot this time of year. Year end pictures, quarterly taxes, annual taxes, a bajilionty twelve forms that need to be created, copied, separated, collated, mailed, danced on, killed with fire, you know, IRS stuff.  So it’s a challenge just to breath some days. Others all I live for is that cool, comforting gin and tonic waiting for me when I walk through the door.   Luckily gender rolls have never been terribly important in my household so Mr.Me is good for meeting ME at the door with a cocktail. I can’t get him to wear pearls, heels and a dress while vacuuming but luckily for all, we have a cleaning fairy for that.  The world just does not need to see him in that outfit, right? Some days the cocktail is way more important anyway!

But I digress.  It seems I have trouble this time each year finding a balance between all the stuff at work, the very basics of homemaking (that cleaning fairy bit. That’s no joke.  Without this amazing woman who picks up after us every other Wednesday I’d be drowning in a sea of crap. Literally. It’s amazing what 2 people can accumulate even in a week’s time!), blogging and knitting all the things, well, something has to give. Sadly, it’s been blogging.  I think there’s a light appearing at the end of this 2 month long tunnel though… The last of the tax forms were mailed on Thursday so now I just have to finalize things and get them to the accountant.  So, while no day is really “ordinary” in the traditional sense, at least the work day should be resuming a more normal, or at least less frantic, pace and I might have a little more energy by the end of the day.

The knitting, as always, is my escape.  I’ve long known that I find comfort in repetitive motion activities.  My wrists and fingers may occasionally disagree, but my mind cam rest when my fingers maintain the constant motion of needles and yarn moving in my hands. Some days it’s the only thing that keeps me awake past 7:30, too, but we won’t worry about that right now, we’ll just focus on the mental break that is creating the knitted fabric…

January, as it turns out, was highly productive this way. While sometimes I think I might make myself nuts with all the things I’ve committed to knitting between my Year of Projects list and the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup, the truth is, I’d be lost without this kind of madness.  And heaven knows I should never EVER be cold.  I think I have four pairs of mittens between my coat pockets and my knitting bag… And that’s just what I’ve been carrying around with me! I’ve knit myself 2 hats in the last month. Scarves litter every shelf in my closet. And it’s finally been cold enough to need them! This makes a knitter happy, even if I do complain about just how much I might need these things right now! Since I have been a bit of a slacker when it comes to posting my finished objects lately, I thought I’d take this particular Finished Object Friday opportunity to share the full collage of things I finished during January.

You’ll note from the photo captions, each of these was turned in in the House Cup for some form of points.  Finishes go like this:

  1. Detention- my Jagged Edge Shawl/Scarf
  2. Head Mistress’s Challenge- Wrought Iron Mitts
  3. Herbology- Come Together Necklace
  4. Quidditch Challenge 1- Shark Mittens
  5. Quidditch Game 1- Hand-dyed roving “Fruitcake”
  6. Charms- 320 yards finished 2 ply Shetland yarn spun to fingering weight
  7. Potions- one of my favorite knits ever, my Scatness Tam
  8. Defense Against the Dark Arts- 3 foot long stocking cap complete with tassel
  9. Flying- the last of 4 Fish Hats knit for Christmas Gifts, VERY well received, if I might add
  10. Care of Magical Creatures- a blanket square

Not bad, huh? Can’t say I hated knitting any of them. And all but the Detention turn in were started and finished during the month.  I’ve also managed 2.75 finished socks. Oddly, that’s over 4 total items. One each finished for 2 different patterns, I started turning the heel on a third and I’m 3.5 repeats into the leg of the fourth. Something tells me I might have to slow it down some in February but maybe not. It’s sort of fun to know I’ve knit more than a mile in a month! I doubt I’d be able to hit 2 as long as I’m working, but one… I don’t mind one! I think I topped out around 10 miles total last year.  Maybe I’ll shoot for 12 this year. Think I can manage?


2 responses to “January In Review

  1. Awesome projects! My favorite are the shark mittens.

    Here’s my FO: http://mibruno.com/terminados-43/

  2. wow that is alot of knitting. I haven’t even picked my needles up this year yet.

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