I’m sure you’ve seen mention of my OWL over the last few months…  That would be another project for the Harry Potter Knit & Crochet House Cup, in case you’re unfamiliar. This term I committed to the Arithmancy course of study and proposed knitting 4 pair of socks from January-March.

Considering I’ve been a constant sock knitter since I picked up the needles as a long time hobby, this didn’t sound like too daunting a task. Of course since joining the House Cup, I’ve not limited myself to just socks. In fact they’ve almost been an after thought.  So four pair took me every bit of the three months I had to complete them. But I did it!  FOUR pair turned in. Four pair knocked off my Year of Projects List.  FOUR pair to give my feet a happy. Because quite frankly, with the calendar saying spring but the great outdoors clearly saying winter, I need any bit of happy I can get!

When I become a rich and famous knitter, I shall refer to this as my Doctor Who period as all socks were knit from IndigoDragonfly Yarns in Who-themed colorways.

Terpander in Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Spacey Wacey Stuff

Lenore in Nice To Meet You Rose, Run For Your Life

Lenore in TARDIS

And, quite possibly my favorite socks in my favorite yarn every, Staked in Don’t Blink

Now… What to cast on next???


One response to “SOCKS!!!

  1. You’ve just given me four new (to me) sock patterns which I want to cast on straight away.

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