Cutest Sweater EVER

As a genearl rule, I’ve not been big on knitting baby things. Being betrayed by one’s own uterus tends to lead to a few hard feelings here and there and I’m no longer ashamed to admit it! But it’s been a lot of years and I’ve gotten a lot better about these sorts of things, so as I found myself planning a quick baby shower for one of the girls at work, so too, did I find my inner knitter itching to cast on something itty bitty…

It turns out everything they say about baby stuff is true… It knits up quick as a whistle, the patterns are adorable, and frankly, the end products are so damned cute they pretty much make a girls uterus hurt. Yep, even the kind of uterus that’s by all other definitions, completely and utterly useless. So here it is, the cutest little sweater ever. Frankly, the cutest thing I think I’ve ever knit. And what is likely to be the first of many. Turns out lots of people I know are having babies these days…


Oh… Did I mention it’s matching hat?


3 responses to “Cutest Sweater EVER

  1. Very cute and love the post with all its honesty and longing. :-}

  2. OMG – the buttons!!!!!

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