So this happened…

That right there… That is a really BIG pile of happy! And the timing couldn’t have been better! It’s been a rough week to say the least. Started with one person starting her maternity leave and another giving her notice and it just never really let up from there.  But it’s OK. The knitting keeps me sane.  And the mailman is my new best friend.

The yarn I knew was on the way.  Two out of the 7 skeins are my indigodragonfly Smart Ass Knitter’s World Domination Club package for April. the other… ah, FIVE, were other skeins I’ve ordered since the last club shipment.  This was definitely my biggest package yet from my favorite indy-dyer from Kanuckistan. All but one skein are sock yarns so they aren’t technically stash, right? They’re future projects!  And they are absolutely sitting next to me on the couch for random petting today. Don’t Judge Me. You’re just jealous…

Then there’s the needles! I’ve sung the praises of Signature Needle Art‘s needles here before.  As far as I’m concerned, yes, they are totally and completely worth the money. And then some. But that money is a bit difficult to justify in large chunks so I’ve been biding my time to increase my collection. Turned out we got a Visa gift card when we switched cable providers at the end of last year and that gift card was set to expire at the end of April. We meant to use it when we were in Lost Wages at the start of the month but completely forgot about it and I hadn’t given it a thought until I was tidying up for the cleaning fairy on Tuesday night. Since I can’t let free money go to waste I asked Mr.Me if he’d mind if I used it for some new needles. Bonus, they are running a free shipping deal through Monday, so yesterday I placed an order then immediately started my laments over having to wait for shipping. The manufacturer is about 30 miles from my office. I’d have loved to drive down and pick them up over lunch but they can’t allow that.  So I had to wait.

Until this morning! Seriously, less than 24 hours from the time I placed the order until they showed up on my doorstep! For today at least, I hereby take back any disparaging remarks I may have uttered toward the USPS! You guys rock! Cuz today is sit on the couch watching cheesy movies or TV and knit day. Mr.Me is out working on the cannon, probably will be tomorrow and, as mentioned, the cleaning fairy was here this week, the laundry’s caught up and I have nothing better to do. Life is good…

You’ll excuse me while I go knit now…


One response to “So this happened…

  1. What a nice bit of happy! I’m loving that purple skein in the front too.

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