WIP Wednesday- Back on Track


Since I’ve unofficially made it a goal to get back on track with the blog, it seemed only logical that I should play along with the Work In Progress Wednesdays idea.  And it just so happens that I have a relatively current picture of my current Work in Progress! It’s like the stars aligned or something!   Of course, since it’s been so frackin’ long since I’ve played along I actually had to hop over to Tami’s blog to make sure WIP Wednesday is still a thing, but since it is, I’m playing along this week!

This wee little thing is the birth of my third Circle Line cardigan in as many months.  The first one was a quick knit for a co-worker’s baby shower.  Genius that I am, I waited until I had less than 2 weeks to the shower to even contemplate knitting something for her work in progress but I’ve never really been one to do today what I can put off until tomorrow so there it was.  A fellow Raveler in the Completely Pointless and Arbitrary group was kind enough to share her pattern before it was released for general consumption and I got to knitting.  This one was born from the effort:

Mom and Dad waited for the big reveal so baby was of an unknown flavor when I knit it so I had to stick to a gender neutral color scheme but I completely fell in love with the pattern so a month later I knit another one for another friend who’s expecting a baby girl in July.

You might notice I cut it a tad bit close on the main yarn. YIKES!  But still so stinkin’ cute it makes my uterus ache so it should really come as no surprise that when my bff welcomed #5 to the world last week, I had to make another sweater…

Progress is slow as I seem to have misplaced a bit of my knitting mojo (as I may have alluded to yesterday, I’ve sort of been on a spin all the things kick instead) but I am still in love with the project!  This time the yarn is a custom dye job from Strand Yarn Works using her Sock It base. The yarn is a superwash/nylon blend so it should hold up very nicely for a baby sweater and I am madly in love with the color! It’s knitting up beautifully to boot so I really couldn’t be happier with it!  Also it’s an excuse to finally give my Size 3 Signature Needle Arts needles a try which only adds to the pleasure of the knit.  Hopefully this little sweater will make it’s debute to the blogging world by next Friday and can be presented to sweet Caroline to keep her warm in the fall!


5 responses to “WIP Wednesday- Back on Track

  1. Baby sweaters are so adorable, and they knit up so quickly. I’m starting to look forward to the next baby in my little social circle!

  2. Yep – seriously cute! I love quick knits like that – so satisfying!

  3. I am in love with that pattern. What lucky mommies to receive these as gifts for their wee ones!

  4. I just adore baby sweaters, although I find myself leaning towards baby cardigans. My husband is an English teacher with a cardigan fetish…I love seeing babies dressed like him 😉

    Amazing work!

  5. Agh how did I miss this?? 🙂 YAY YOU!! 🙂

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