So we’ve hit the road and its Gettysburg or bust. Road tripping with a cannon is always an interesting experience. Any time we stop there are questions. Cars speed up and slow down to check out the trailer. CB chatter can be entertaining, just generally interesting. Oh, and did I mention we can’t get anywhere without going through Chicago? Yeah that traffic is loads of fun with 8,000 extra pounds and no visibility out the back if the truck! But here we are, cruising to our version of Mecca, some 80+ years of combined reenacting experience between us (as usual I’m the youngster with “just” 15.5 years in) and ready for an amazing experience. There is nothing quite like experiencing this hobby in Gettysburg and I am lucky to be doing it for the 4th time. Each trip out I learn a little more, reflect a little more and appreciate everything I enjoy thanks to the hundreds of thousands who gave it all on fields up and down our eastern states.

And I knit. A lot. Cuz a combined 24 hours on the road plus a lot if time alone in camp means a girl gots to do something, right? So I have armed myself with a pair of socks, two shawls and a cowl, just in case. And I discovered that it takes precisely 28.4 miles from my stash before the panic sets in and I start to worry that I didn’t bring enough yarn.

Yep… I’m a Knitter all right.

And since its Wednesday, how about a sneak peak at one if my new Year Of Projects items…



One response to “28.4

  1. What fun, summery colors!

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