Wrapping Up

I’ve had great plans for a nice wrap up post to finish out my first year in the Year of Projects blog-a-long but the truth is, life just keeps getting in the way!  We are off on the big trip to Gettysburg for the 150th anniversary event this evening so there’s been a lot more getting ready and a lot less knitting, spinning and blogging time as a result! BOO I say, BOO!

But it does seem appropriate to at least do an abbreviated wrap up at the very least so, the short list goes like this…

I have learned in the course of the last 12 months that I knit a LOT. Not in the conventional I try to knit every day and rarely leave home without sticks and strings kind of way, but in an holy crap I get a lot done kind of way!  I came to knitting by way of a huge mountain of UFO’s in quilting.  Hand piecing and hand quilting take epic amounts of time and energy I rarely have anymore. Well that’s not fully true, I still have the time, but the focus is lacking.  So I started knitting as a creative outlet, a way to use my otherwise idle time for good. I like to make things and take pride in completing them so not finishing quilts for years at a stretch was getting me down. Knitting gives me something portable and finishable in a matter of days or weeks instead of years. So it’s a good fit.  What I didn’t realize before documenting it on a weekly basis is just how much I finish! I thought my list was ambitious when I started it with 36 projects. Turns out my list was hardly a whisper of things to come, especially since I added things that didn’t even make the list because I just never got them on there!

I also learned that I will not be contained in a tidy little box. I mean this literally and figuratively…  Containing my clutterbomb is a stretch on a good day.  I figure I’m good if I can manage to tidy up my corner of the couch and coffee table before the cleaning fairy comes in! But on a larger scale, containing myself to a set list of projects is also not something I do well.  This you’ll observe clearly by the fact that my “little” list of 36 exploded to 63 by the time all was said and done.  And, like I said before, there are other things begun and finished in the year that never made it onto the list because they were on and off so quickly.  So I know going into the next Year of Projects I am going to grow the list at least as quickly so my goals might have to be a little different for year 2. Or I might just continue to amuse myself and others with the explosion that it will become! Time will tell I guess.

Finally, I learned this year that I knit pretty quickly. I think the first time I figured this out was a year and a half ago when I decided to knit Christmas stockings for our nieces & grands…  With about 6 weeks to go until Christmas.  Also they were Fair Isle. Which I’d never done before. And it took me 3-4 days per stocking so I finished with a month to go. But then with this year’s experiment and actually tracking start and end dates, well, there was just no denying it anymore.  Despite working fullish time and having a fairly busy summer schedule and all, I get a lot of stuff finished in relatively short order. Guess there are some advantages to not having kids!

So to wrap it up, a quick review.  From my original list of 36, I had a goal of 12 pair of socks, 4 sweaters, 9 shawls/scarves, 7 hats and 2 random bits.  Of that list, I completed 8 pair of socks and started 2 others.  One pair continues to remain in time out and the other will slowly be finished over time. One pattern is going to see itself on my new project list and one will remain in the perhaps some day but maybe not list that is my Ravelry favorites list.

Only one of my 4 proposed sweaters was successfully completed, but another was substituted out and it’s replacement was also completed.  Two remain and will make it onto next year’s list but may or may not be completed as I’ve found a lot of others to knit in the mean time.

The shawls & scarves list was similarly substituted and changed over the course of the year.  Of the original 9, 5 were knit as originally proposed, 4 substitutions were made and 2 additions.  9 of the total 11 were finished, one will make it to the new list as a Work In Progress and the other, well, it’s sorta comatose. We aren’t sure if it will live or die but we’re trying to not disturb it in the mean time.

Hats. This was an area of monstrous success.  7 proposed, 7 finished, 3 added and finished and a whole bunch more that never made the list in any form. Yep. I ROCKED the hats!

Then comes the Proof of insanity category.  I think this one genuinely did prove my insanity.  It started at 2. The sock yarn blanket didn’t get as much love as I might have expected but that one wasn’t intended to be finished in a year so I have no regrets.  Tir Chonail remains one of my favorite things I’ve knit EVER, let alone during the YOP. But then there are the 7 projects that were added to it, many because I also took up participation in the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup and made things for class work. Some just because, well, that’s how I roll.  So I have to call the insanity category a resounding success I think! Just the sock yarn blanket moving forward but that one says it’s insane right there in the project name (Epic Blanket of Insanity- what can I say, at least I’m honest!)

Then comes the final category- the house cup projects.  More proof of insanity, I’m fairly certain, but again, 17 started, 16 finished, one moving forward to the WIPs list for next year. I can’t say I’m unhappy with this result. Nor can I say it won’t happen again!

Which reminds me- there is one more thing I learned during my first Year of Projects experiment… I CAN function with multiple WIPs! This may not be the best thing I’ve discovered in the course of the year as it means I have a lot more on the needles than I’m really happy about, but it gives me a goal going into my next year. FINISH THE WIPS!

So, a final wrap up for the 2012-13 Blog-A-Long. Tune in Sunday for the new list!

Socks (1 pair per month is my goal)

  1. Deranged Dad Socks (f/k/a Argyles for Dad) Cast on 7/10/12, on hiatus as of 8/13/12
  2. Celtic Beaded Socks Completed 8/9/12
  3. Baldersquash (Smart Ass Knitter’s World Domination Club June 2012 pattern)
  4. Plain socks for dad (another Orgy of Greed gift) Cast on 9/10/12, Finished 11/18/12
  5. Masonic Lodge Cast on 11/18/12, finished 12/27/12.
  6. Helen Socks Cast on 12/29/12, Finished 3/10/13
  7. Hoot & A Half Still haven’t decided if this one’s staying put or going to make way for a different pattern
  8. Lenore  Cast on 12/29 , finished 2/11/12
  9. Winding Road Socks Cast on 8/16 Finished 9/9/12
  10. Terpander Cast on 12/29/12, Finished 3/25/13
  11. Staked  Cast on 12/30/12 Finished 2/1/13.
  12. Plain Jane Movie socks- Yeah, still in hibrnation. But packed for the trip to Gettysburg…


  1. Insouciant
  2. Camden Place Cardigan Started 10/9/12, Finished 11/11/12
  3. Ink Cast on 3/25/12, Finished 5/16/13.
  4. Elphaba the sequel

Shawls, Scarves, etc

  1. Irish Hiking Scarf Cast on 7/28/12, Completed 7/31/12.
  2. Whipoorwhill– Cast on 9/15/12 Finished 11/20/12
  3. Jagged Edge – Cast on 11/23/12, Finished 1/4/13
  4. Shawl Test-Knit for one of my Harry Potter House Cup friends. To be cast on at the beginning of March (Formerly Pogona)- Cast on 3/1/13, Still napping
  5. Ruffle Scarf for April (OoG) Cast on 11/17/12, Finished 11/18/12
  6. Wingspan– Cast on 8/17/12 off 8/24/12
  7. Boneyard– Cast on 7/21/12, off 8/15/12
  8. Charlie Chevron Scarf– Cast on 9/12, Cast off 9/17
  9. Clapotis Cast on 7/8/12, off 7/25/12
  10. Ruffle Scarf for Janesa Cast on & Finished 11/18/12
  11. Semele Cast on 5/27/13 Nearly to the half way point!  This is going to be my in camp project for Gettysburg so I’m hopeful about finishing it in July.


  1. Dead Fish Hat– Joey (OoG) Cast on 12/4/12, Finished 12/7/12
  2. Dead Fish Hat Maddy (OoG) Cast on 1/5/13, Finished 1/6/13
  3. Dead Fish Hat Audra (OoG) Cast on 8/14/12, Off 8/17
  4. Dead Fish Hat Onna (OoG) Cast on 10/26/12, Finished 10/27/12
  5. Irish Hiking Hat for Scottie Cast on 7/31, Finished 8/1
  6. Turn A Square for Mr.Me (OoG) Cast on 11/12/12, Finished 11/13/12
  7. Turn A Square for James (OoG) cast AND finished on 11/11/12
  8. Space Princess Hat for Zig Cast on 11/15/12 Finished 11/17/12
  9. Scatness Tam  Cast on 1/18/13, Finished 1/26/13.
  10. Simple Bulky Hat– Cast on 5/28/13, Finished 6/1/13- Detention!

Just To Prove My Insanity

  1. EBI No progress to report
  2. Tir Chonaill cast on 8/24, Finished 10/1/12
  3. Ball Sack Cast on 7/12/12. Cast off 7/13/12
  4. Tir Chonaill Trivet– Cast on 9/19, Cast off 9/20
  5. Stocking Garters– Cast on 9/14, Finished 9/15
  6. Nerwin/Batmeanie Cast on 11/24/12, Finished 11/26/12
  7. Modified Turn a Square Cast on 12/1/12 Finished 12/2/12
  8. Cabled Square Hat Cast on 12/2/12, Finished 12/3/12
  9. Slytherin House Colors Hat Cast on 1/12/13, Finished 1/17/13

Harry Potter House Cup Projects

  1. Skull & Crossbones Dish Cloth Cast on 10/1/12, Finished 10/1/12
  2. Granny Square Dish Cloth Cast on 10/8/12, Finished 10/8/12
  3. Teeny Tiny Snowmen  Cast on 10/12/12, Finished 10/12/12
  4. Winter Hiking Hat Cast on 11/29, Finished 11/30
  5. Shark Mittens Cast on 1/4/13, Finished 1/5/13
  6. Come Together Cast on 1/11/13, Finished 1/12/13
  7. Wrought Iron Mitts– Cast on 1/23/13, Finished 1/27/13
  8. Merlia Scarf Cast on 1/27/13- napping.
  9. Wrought Iron Mitts the redeux  (the red ones) cast on 2/1/13, Finished 2/3/13.
  10. Bella’s Mittens Casting on 2/17/13, Finished 2/23/13
  11. Cabled Slouch Hat, Cast on 2/9/13, Finished 2/10/13.  Love this one, too! It was knit using one of my first useable skeins
  12. Baby Bear Sweater Cast on 3/15/12, finished 3/20/13.
  13. Baby Bear hat– Cast on 3/20/13, finished 3/23/13
  14. Cabled Headband Cast on 2/8/13, Finished 2/9/13. This was ultimately a test knit for the alterations I’m going to make on the pattern for my Bella’s Mittens.
  15. Circle Line Cardigan for R & K– Cast on 5/18/13, Finished 5/26/13- Same pattern as Baby Bear’s sweater, this one is for a girl flavored baby so it’s being knit in all kinds of pinky goodness!
  16. Circle Line Cardigan Again Again– Cast on 6/9/13  Finished 6/22/13
  17. Parlor Cat–  Cast on 6/22/13, Finished 6/28/13 I’ve named him Sheldon. Which is appropriate cuz he looks a little evil…

Progress To Date:

Projects on the original list: 34

Projects on the list now: 63

OTN 4/101

Completed 53/63 Damn… thats a one a week average!


One response to “Wrapping Up

  1. I think you did great and your finishes show that and its lovely to see someone underestimate how much they will get done. Each year is not necessarily about finishing the lists I find I learn so much from one year to the next and no doubt this being my third year I’m still going to learn more. Now that my time is freeing up from other crafts and I’m dedicating my year to fibre I’m getting involved in the HP group again as I did enjoy it but just didn’t think I had the time to devote to classes so I’m now going to be coming up with things that fit both upcoming classes and my yop. Enjoy your trip away and I’m looking forward to another year !

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