Year of Projects Year 2 (3)

Time to plot, plan and scheme!

Carry Overs from Year 1(2)

  1. Movie Socks- Cast on in 2013
  2. Baldersquash
  3. Elphaba the Sequel
  4. Insoucient
  5. Semele– Cast on 5/27/13, nearly to the half way point
  6. Epic Blanket of Insanity

New and Exciting

  1. Derecho– Cast on 7/1/13, ROAD TRIP knitting
  2. Sock Monkey for A
  3. Sock Monkey for O
  4. Circle Line for G
  5. Circle Line for S
  6. Deep Blue Sea for Orville
  7. Deep Blue Sea for Jennnnnnnnifer
  8. Ursula Cardigan– I’ve been spinning the yarn for this for 6 months. Hoping to work on it this fall
  9. Peerie Flooers Hat
  10. Peerie Floores Mittens 
  11. Stella Luna
  12. Lonicera

So, if you’ve read my blog at all in the last year, you KNOW this list is a mere teaser of what is to come.  Participation in the Harry Potter Knit & Crochet House Cup on Ravelry has lead me to the conclusion that I will add more to the list than I start with simply to fit things into class prompts. And since I don’t know what the prompts will be until the start of each month, I can’t say what I am going to knit.  Sometimes I can work projects I’ve already planned in, sometimes I add them to the list. So I am approaching this one with a free and easy attitude.

Instead of focusing on a project specific list, I’ve decided a more goal-oriented list is in order.  So I have a couple of goals this year that I’ll report on as things progress:

  1. Use my own yarn more! I’ve amassed a pretty good stash of hand spun, it’s time to use it in my projects! Ursula will definitely be knit with my yarn, others to come. 
  2. Improve my skill-set with spinning.  I’d like to take a class or 2 and work beyond the basic short draw worsted style I’ve learned so far. And I’d like to use those skills to learn to create the yarn I want to knit a project with vs figuring out a project based on the yarn I’ve ended up with.  Peerie Flooers Mittens and hat will happen from yarn I will spin with purpose.
  3. Same deal as the spinning, improve my dyeing skills- Take notes, measure things, basically figure out out how to repeat colors if something turns out really cool! The House cup should help here as classes often involve a dyeing element so I shall use this to my advantage (I hope).
  4. Design something. I keep finding myself mid-project wanting to tweak a little here, change a little there, make it my own. I would like to go a step farther and actually come up with my own pattern and maybe get brave enough to self-publish it.

So I think for week one we’ll call this good.  The list is definitely going to be a living document, changing with the season, the class prompts, this knitter’s mood, but I think it’s a solid set of goals for the moment.


8 responses to “Year of Projects Year 2 (3)

  1. Love the list, I’ve a few items on my list of favourites so really looking forward to them here. I have freed up my time so I can get back into Harry Potter group some more, time just meant I couldn’t take part as much as I liked so for now till sorting happens I’m going to turn in a project or two as a NQFY but more on that on my blog. Looking forward to seeing more of your spinning and how exciting to be using your own yarn in projects.

  2. Looks like a great list. I’m really looking forward to the spinning and dying bits of it, because hopefully I’ll learn something too. They’re both on my list, and I’m almost a complete beginner at both!

  3. never thought of it as plotting and scheming, LOL. Lots of lovely patterns there – especially love Peerie Flowers!

  4. What a great list! I like the way you’ve made it goal oriented instead of project-specific.

  5. Wow what a great list! I’m looking forward to seeing your Harry Potter items and to see what you do with your own yarn 🙂

  6. Great goals you have there and a nice array of patterns!

  7. What a nice variety of patterns and skills to improve.Even your carry over projects look exciting to me! I know someone else doing a Harry Potter thing, and I don’t know how you do it? I would be stressed trying to come up with last minute ideas or ways of justifying what is on the needles to fit. 🙂 Some knitters just seem to have a thrill gene….and I don’t. 🙂

    • It got easier after my first term. You sort of hit a grove and go with it. And sometimes finding ways to create a story around your turn in is the best part. Like last month I spun some Romney and turned it in as my interpretation of a Bogart- their true nature is that of a politician. I thought it was hilarious

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