February 79th

As those of you living in the upper mid-west may recall, spring was a bit, shall we say, late in coming this year. Winter slid into being rather harmlessly which was nice. No brutal snow dumps or bitter cold windchills through December and January to make us wish for death or spring, whichever could come fastest, but you had to know it was too good to last, right?

Then February rolled around… Just when we thought it was going to be a mostly mild one like the winter of 11/12. And while we weren’t necessarily thrilled with it’s presence, we accepted it as live in the mid-west. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have….  Oh. Wait. Wrong theme song.  Anyway, February was a winter wonderland for all of it’s 28 days. Plus March’s 31. And a lot of April’s 30. So it got to be a running joke, February 42, then February 56th, February 68th. You get the idea.

Round about February 79th I’d had it. I couldn’t take any more gray, dreary UGH. I needed bright. This need collided with my Christmas/Birthday gift from my parents in the form of an Eat Sleep Knit gift certificate.  Three skeins of MadTosh lace in the brightest, least wintery colors I could find later, an idea was born.  The idea to knit Derecho, a 3-colored shawl pattern I picked up during a designer’s sale or some such.  So I ordered the yarn and stashed it away until…

Well until happened on our road trip to Gettysburg.  I needed a project for truck knitting. There are rules to truck knitting.  Has to be a simple stitch pattern so no charts to read (Bouncing in the back seat of a Ford Excursion loaded to the roof and towing 8000lbs of  cannon trailer behind makes for a, well, interesting rider experience. Especially when winding through the mountains of Pennsylvania!), but it has to be interesting enough to keep me busy for hours at a stretch.  I also need to be able to set it down and pick it up again without a lot of fuss.  Added bonus if I can knit it in the dark or without looking constantly. So basically this shawl was a perfect fit. Garter stitch, color changes, interesting construction, PERFECT! So the day before we left, I cast on the first section and knit it up over my lunch breaks. As we set out Tuesday night, I launched into section 2 and had it nearly finished by the time we arrived at our stopping point for the night. the next day I knocked out section 3 and started 4. On a trip to the Battlefield, I knocked out a few more rows.  On the trip home I finished 4 and started 5.  Still have a ways to go but I have to say, this makes me SO happy!  It’s almost sunglass-required knitting. BRIGHT, cheerful, exactly the sort of thing a girl wants to wrap herself in when March turns to February and cabin fever settles in for the long haul.  PERFECT.

Did I mention thoroughly outside the confines of my usual color palate to boot? Also, it’s WIP Wednesday so check out what other bloggers are up to here


6 responses to “February 79th

  1. And now you know I need to add that to my queue!

  2. I think it burned my retinas! LOL Love the colors.

  3. Love it! Popsicle colors! How can you not smile:)

  4. That is fantastically bright and cheery! I love it!

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