Coming Clean

As I reviewed my own list of projects for Year Three’s blog-a-long, I came to the conclusion that I left out an important segment of knitting that has become increasingly troublesome…  WIPs.  For a long time I was very good at knitting monogamy.  Start one, finish it, start another, finish it, start another, finish it. You know the drill.  Then I started knitting bigger things.  So I went to a bi-knittual crafting method.   One project OTN to work on at home, one in my bag for on the go.   And of course the rarely discussed red headed step child- the knitting basket project.  This last one was always a sock on DPNs which I generally do not love to work with but when reenacting it was something to do.  In the last couple of years, that red headed step child has gotten even less love than usual. And spawned a sibling.  I don’t talk about him, either.

And then along came the House Cup. I LOVE the House Cup!  Figuring out projects and fitting them into prompts, seeing the lovely things other crafters are coming up with for their own turn its. It’s awesomesauce! LOVE the cup. But it’s turned me into, well, I’m just going to say it, a project whore.  Yes folks, I am officially admitting it right here.  I have become a knitting polygamist.  For the ones I’m willing to talk about in public, there’s the on the go project, the lunch break project, the at home project and the time out projects. AND then there are the red headed step children.  What the heck has happened to me???

It’s entirely possible that Real Life is kicking in and I feel like things are beyond my control right now, but this behavior is not healthy and it has to stop!  Back when I was quilting regularly I turned a blind eye to this reality and it lead me away from a hobby that I love. I do NOT want to go down that path again.  So I’ve decided that it’s time to take stock in what projects are hostaging needles, put them all out in the open, decide which are going to be finished, which are going to be frogged and which are just going to be abandoned for whatever reason.  I have decided it’s time to be OK with not finishing things I don’t love working on. I don’t NEED to finish because I started. I need to finish because the process brings me joy and relaxes me.  If the project does not make me happy, why am I doing it?  I shall frog or abandon things that fit this category.

And then I shall finish the things I love.  One at a time, until they are done.  Because this is the method of knitting that I find comfort in. Start a project, see it through to the end, start a new project.  I don’t think total monogamy is going to happen. I think there will still be a travel project and a home project. Sometimes I think they will overlap, but I’m OK with two. And the EBI.  Because when I really think about it. I get more done when I work on things one or 2 at a time. I don’t feel like I have to divide my attention between ALL the things and never get done with any of them.  So this means I need to revisit my approach to the House Cup for next term, too. ONE project at a time.  I am hoping to finish spinning the yarn for a Fair Isle cardigan and use that as a big project for the cup.  This will be the main thing I set out to accomplish.  If I want to work on something else for classes, I will limit the something to a 1-2 day knit like hats or dish cloths, even squares for my blanket.  Things that can break up the monotony of one project knitting but not become all consuming on their own.  And even that plan may need to be revisited as I’ve just realized Giftmas knitting is going to have to start happening soon. Definitely by the time the next term starts up in September.  So however it works out, I am going to use  August to finish things I’ve started.  And then I’m going to start fresh.  Cuz it’s just better that way.

So tune in Sunday for the WIPs update to my list. Cuz yeah, it’s time…


One response to “Coming Clean

  1. Getting comfortable with frogging projects I don’t love has definitely made me a happier knitter. Having an alternate project really does help me too, but there’s definitely a limit on how many I can have before I go crazy!

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