Year of Projects Take 2- Now with WIPs

OK, I said it earlier in the week, I put it out there today.  It’s time to talk about WIPs. Or, as I prefer, PHDs (Projects Half Done) and add them to the list so the rest of the blog-a-longers can be my accountabilibuddies.  Who’s in?

First the parts I like to talk about because they don’t make me cringe in shame:

Carry Overs from Year 1(2)

  1. Movie Socks- Cast on in 2013- This one’s in danger of being moved to the WIPs list of shame. I just don’t love the yarn.  I’m trying not to make drastic decisions, but it might well head for the frog pond and RAK stash. Because in addition to WIP cleansing, I think it’s going to be time for stash cleansing. RAK that which I do not love, love that which I do not RAK.
  2. Baldersquash
  3. Elphaba the Sequel
  4. Insoucient
  5. Semele– Cast on 5/27/13, nearly to the half way point
  6. Epic Blanket of Insanity

New and Exciting

  1. Derecho– Cast on 7/1/13, I’m on section 5 of what I’d hoped to be 5 but in reality will be 7.  I think something as crazy bright for the dolldroms of winter needs to be BIG. And the 5 section version just isn’t big.  So Ima go ahead and knit the large. Hopefully it will be among my August WIPs clear out finishes.
  2. Sock Monkey for A
  3. Sock Monkey for O
  4. Circle Line for G
  5. Circle Line for S
  6. Deep Blue Sea for Orville
  7. Deep Blue Sea for Jennnnnnnnifer
  8. Ursula Cardigan– I’ve been spinning the yarn for this for 6 months. Hoping to work on it this fall
  9. Peerie Flooers Hat
  10. Peerie Floores Mittens 
  11. Stella Luna
  12. Lonicera

Bring Out Your Dead (WIPs)

  1. Deranged Dad Socks. Yes, the argyle socks that hung out on my project list almost all of last year.  It’s not that I don’t love the IDEA of argyle socks, it just turns out that I don’t really enjoy the KNITTING of argyle socks.  I haven’t decided yet if these will be frogged, abandoned or finished, but if it’s on the list I need to face the music and make a decision. That’s my new rule
  2. Easter Egg On Acid Socks- It’s the 2nd pair from a flat I purchased some time back. The problem is I finished the first sock but no longer remember what pattern I used to enable myself to knit the 2nd. Right now I”m not even sure if the first sock was finished or the second sock started. So this one, whatever state of affairs exists when I find it, will become yarn claimed (or reclaimed) for my EBI.
  3. Fishnet Socks- These I actually LOVE.  What I did not love was the annoyance of the cable needle for every.single.row.  No rest rows. Something always twisting left or right.  this is what I love about cables, but I was overwhelmed by the peskiness of that stupid cable needle!  But I have since learned to cable without a needle so I am going to revisit these.  If it go, I will have fun red socks come sock season.  If it’s still a PITA, I will frog them.
  4. Knitting Basket Socks #1- I want to say I started these 3 years ago. Or maybe it was 4. I dunno for sure, but it’s been a while. Simple men’s ribbed socks to work on at events. I’m not quite sure the sock will fit a grown man’s foot, which is a large part of why they’ve been in time out.  I think I will transfer the stitches to waste yarn and see if my hubby can fit the sock on his foot. If yes, maybe getting them onto circulars will help me to actually get ‘er done. If they don’t fit, FROG POND
  5. Knitting Basket Socks #2- started this one when I got myself a set of Stiletto Point SNA’s. Still don’t love DPNs but these make them slightly less painful. But still not in love. This, too, shall be transferred to circulars and finished. Mr.Me often harasses me about not knitting more socks for him.
  6. Clog Socks- Started last year sometime. Sock #1 is done and #2 is somewhere in the middle. But I don’t remember how I finished sock #1 from the point that I’m at in sock #2 so guess what- FROG POND. I didn’t love how they turned out anyway.
  7. Car Socks- This is another one of those emergency knitting type things.  Living in the car in case hubs needs to “run into the hardware store”. Another project I just don’t love the yarn for.  I knew this when I bought it but I bought it anyway. So I think this one might also be frogged and RAKed
  8. Merlia Scarf- Another entrant from last year’s YOP list. I love everything about this scarf. It’s languished for months, however, because it’s no longer worth all the points in the cup. Which is really a stupid reason to make such a lovely project feel unwanted! I need to do a couple more repeats of the main pattern then finish it off. August is looking like the month for this one! Plus it’s hostaging my size 6 SNA circular and I WANT THAT NEEDLE!
  9. Shawl Test Knit- I never actually got very far with this one but we were not loving each other so I am going to Frog it.  It’s hostaging 2 skeins of Malabrigo and I want them back!

OK. I think that was cathartic.  I have put them all out into the open, even the red-headed step children.  Or at least I think I have. Anything not on the list is buried so deep I don’t know it exists anymore which means I should Frog, right?  So the 9 here plus the 2 shawls that are on lists 1 and 2 above and the Movie socks from the carry over list makes for 12 projects in some state of completion. HOLY ACRAP HOW DID I LET THAT HAPPEN?  I know it’s not much by comparison to some people’s lists, but I’m not happy and if Mama ain’t happy and all that jazz.  So as the Blogosphere as my witness, I will content with these 12 projects in whatever form feels most appropriate before I cast on something new.

Except for Quidditch. Cuz QUIDDITCH!  BUT I will stick to the 1-2 night project goal.  Or knit squares for my EBI because that project needs to feel some love, too, gosh darn it! And won’t I skip with the weight of all these WIPS off my shoulders!


Original list: 18 projects

Full Disclosure List: 30 Projects

OTN: 12/30





5 responses to “Year of Projects Take 2- Now with WIPs

  1. You have some interesting wip’s there, some of which I love and have added to my favouirtes. I like how you put them out there and then as you say its accountable, good idea. I’ve yet to figure out how the Quidditch works out in the group. Just turned in my first class project, hoping to be sorted next month 🙂

  2. I don’t count my EBI as a WIP. It’s just always there 🙂

  3. I like how you have a lot of socks listed.

  4. Looking forward to seeing you contend with them. I find frogging cathartic too, even vicariously when I read about someone else doing it 🙂

  5. That is a lot of WIPs, but I think getting them out and frogging the ones you don’t love will be very cathartic. If they’ve been sitting there for that long, there must be a reason, and you can now look at them with fresh eyes, and get some lovely yarn back!

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