Tuesday Tips for Good Living

How to make Monday not suck in two easy steps.

  1. Order a bunch of stuff online late in the week and have it shipped to the office.
  2. Open the mail

In this particular example, further improvement on your Monday can be made by occasional petting and squooshing of the fibery goodness.  Because what’s not to love, silk, wool, more woo, more silk. Seriously, that right there is a whole lot of happiness! This tip can, however, be successfully employed by the non-fiber addicts in the world. Just substitute your favorite XYZ for woolie goodness and you’re set.  For optimal results, we suggest a lather, rinse, repeat protocol.


5 responses to “Tuesday Tips for Good Living

  1. Hah. I would love to be able to send that sort of stuff to myself at the office. Although maybe not being able to is a good thing. It would be VERY distracting.

  2. Tomorrow’s gonna be BRUTAL- new wheel is supposed to arrive! Probably a good thing I took the box of fluff home yesterday! The yarn is still here for random petting though…

  3. Truth! I may or may not have a box of fiber heaven headed to my office next Monday..,,.

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