Wednesday Warnings for Better Mental Health

Do not, under any circumstances, do this to yourself:

As sensible as it may be to ship the precious to the office instead of letting such an attractive nuisance sit on your porch for a day, as logical as it might be to leave the box sealed both for easier transportation home at day’s end and to keep you from petting the precious all afternoon, don’t do it.  Because your attention span that’s already bullocks for the day, yeah, it’s not going to get any better.  It’s really not.  Cuz OHMYBOBYOUGUYS it’s a NEW WHEEL!!!!!!

And seriously, why do people ask what I’m going to do with my old wheel? Which, as you well know, is actually wheels, but regardless. Why would I do anything but love them and squeeze them and call them George (and Millie)? DUH.  Just because I got a new wheel doesn’t mean I don’t need ALL the wheels! Silly peoples…   


One response to “Wednesday Warnings for Better Mental Health

  1. I’m excited on your behalf!

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