YoP 8/11/13

So, it would seem I’ve missed a couple of updates again.  I swear I have the best of intentions and as the road to hell is paved with those, I guess it should come as no surprise that time keeps getting away. I have an excuse, however tired it is, that we have only just come out of a really long stretch of back to back to back no time to breath events, but some of it is just plain lazy on my part.  That and a new spinning wheel that demanded my attention!  He really is gorgeous and worth all the time he’s taken, I promise.  And I will offer up a full introduction to him later in the week.  Because I am still working on a knit with a deadline so I probably shouldn’t do all my gushing in one post.

As for the list, there’s been some progress.  There’s actually been a pretty good lot of it, if I am to be honest.  But it’s mostly in the frog pond, not so much the actual finishes. But that’s Ok.  The goal for the moment is to rid myself of a pretty significant backlog of WIPs in whatever way seems most appropriate. So I’ve frogged.  A lot.  Four socks and a sweater this week.  And I have to tell you, it feels AMAZING! I’m excited to get at a couple of the projects that have been lingering (it might be because I’m working on something with a deadline that it makes me want to work on anything else, but what can you do, right?)  And I’m no longer feeling like I *should* work on something I don’t love. Knitting is something I do to relax, when it becomes a chore something needs to give.  So give it did.   So the list as it stands looks like this:

Carry Overs from my first YoP:

  1. Movie Socks– Cast on in 2013, Frogged 8/11/13 I did not like them, Sam I am.  The yarn just wasn’t great to knit with and if I’m honest, the fit wasn’t so great, either.  So this particular skein of Regia is either going to be RAKed or head to the blanket box.
  2. Baldersquash
  3. Elphaba the Sequel
  4. Insoucient
  5. Semele– Cast on 5/27/13, passed the half way point and onto the decreases but still a good way to go
  6. Epic Blanket of Insanity I think it’s a symptom of deadline knitting because I SO want to work on this RIGHT.FRIGGIN.NOW

New and Exciting

  1. Derecho– Cast on 7/1/13, I made it through a few more rows on this one but still in section 5.  It’s resting while I work on the deadline projects
  2. Sock Monkey for A
  3. Sock Monkey for O
  4. Circle Line for G
  5. Circle Line for S
  6. Deep Blue Sea for Orville
  7. Deep Blue Sea for Jennnnnnnnifer
  8. Ursula Cardigan– I think I’ve finally amassed enough yarn.  I need to dye my three contrast colors and will write this up as my OWL for the fall Harry Potter House Cup term.
  9. Peerie Flooers Hat Cast on 7/28/13, Finished 8/4/13 This is sorta stealth right now.  You’ll get a full photo rundown and gush over the fiber turned yarn nearer to Labor Day
  10. Peerie Floores Mittens – Cast on 8/6/13- Most of the way through mitten 1. Don’t love ’em as much as the hat but it’s a promised project so I will persevere. And they’ll look great worn with the hat during the season of Doom.
  11. Stella Luna
  12. Lonicera

Bring Out Your Dead (WIPs)

  1. Deranged Dad Socks. Started August 2012, Frogged 8/11/13,  Lets talk about Intartia. It’s… interesting.  Not something I really love. I think it would have been better on a flat project, but sometimes I learn things the hard way.  I really didn’t love working on this one and when I looked at them again this weekend during a stash room clean up project, I honestly didn’t love the look of them, either, so I frogged it.  Here’s a tip if you’ve never frogged intartia- don’t. It probably wasn’t worth the effort.  It’s as much of a pain in the ass to unknit as it is to knit.  But I did it. I think I’ll make a pair of stripy socks with all the little bits I now have wound on bobbins. But not now.
  2. Easter Egg On Acid Socks– Found the first sock, never started the 2nd, don’t remember the pattern and don’t care to find out cuz it really isn’t such a great one.  The balance of the yarn has made it into the blanket box and the sock that was finished, well, I think I’ll wear it around with other random socks that lost their mates.  While not technically frogged, I’m considering it off the list.
  3. Fishnet Socks- FOUND during this weekend’s clean up.  I even found the pattern!  So I’m going to throw this one into my knitting bag for travel knitting.
  4. Knitting Basket Socks #1– FROGGED 8/11/13.  Knit this onto circulars so hubby could try them on, didn’t fit him. Fit me great but was 2 inches too long in the foot so frogged it.  Ahhhhh.
  5. Knitting Basket Socks #2- Still need to assess this one and decide if it’s salvageable or not. I know I’ve dropped and picked up a lot of stitches in the years it’s been in the basket so the jury’s still out on this one.
  6. Clog Socks– Frogged
  7. Car Socks– Frogged 8/11/13 Another pair with yarn I didn’t love.  Which is dumb because I knew I didn’t love it when I started knitting it.  Love the softness and the color transitions of Mini Mochi, don’t love it as a sock yarn so this one bit the dust, too
  8. Merlia Scarf- Still a WIP I plan to finished. Gotta get the mittens done first.
  9. Shawl Test Knit– Frogged 8/11/13. Just wasn’t feeling this one so I’ve reclaimed the yarn and will come up with a different 2 colored shawl for it.
  10. Lambton  Frogged 8/6/13This one wasn’t technically a WIP.  It’s a sweater I knit last year that just didn’t work out.  The pattern is still lovely to look at but it just isn’t lovely to wear. Not even a little.  I think I knew when I first finished it that eventually I was going to frog it as I didn’t even bother weaving in most of the ends.  But I love the yarn and I just couldn’t let it go to waste so I’ve reclaimed all 1200 yards of it for another project at some point.

OK. I think that was cathartic.  I have put them all out into the open, even the red-headed step children.  Or at least I think I have. Anything not on the list is buried so deep I don’t know it exists anymore which means I should Frog, right?  So the 9 here plus the 2 shawls that are on lists 1 and 2 above and the Movie socks from the carry over list makes for 12 projects in some state of completion. HOLY ACRAP HOW DID I LET THAT HAPPEN?  I know it’s not much by comparison to some people’s lists, but I’m not happy and if Mama ain’t happy and all that jazz.  So as the Blogosphere as my witness, I will content with these 12 projects in whatever form feels most appropriate before I cast on something new.

Except for Quidditch. Cuz QUIDDITCH!  BUT I will stick to the 1-2 night project goal.  Or knit squares for my EBI because that project needs to feel some love, too, gosh darn it! And won’t I skip with the weight of all these WIPS off my shoulders!


Original list: 18 projects

Full Disclosure List: 30 Projects

OTN: 5/30

Frogged: 8

Finished: 1


3 responses to “YoP 8/11/13

  1. Hooray on keeping it real and froggin’ away. Then it’s like ooh! Yarn for another pattern!

  2. You did not like them Sam I am ? lol Super well done on the frogging and your right frog if it’s not working for you. This is our hobby and meant to be enjoyed. Can’t wait to see your Peerie Floores as I have this on my list. My colours are picked out and all but trying to do it this side of Christmas ! Well that just isn’t going to happen ! I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in again to Harry Potter although I’m not sure I fully understand Quidditch. I must read it better and concentrate on it. Which house are you or were you in ?

  3. Well done on the frogging. I would agree with you the life is too short to knit on something you don’t love, but undoing all your hard work is quite hard sometimes. At least now you have lots of “new” yarn to play with!

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