Eight Months

As a general rule, I’m a pretty quick knitter. Turns out not having kids to occupy my free time really provides for a lot of, well, free time, so I can get through projects with relative ease most of the time. Usually when I feel like one is taking forever it means I’ve gotten past, say, three weeks of steady and focused knitting on it and I’m “bored”. But sometimes I get distracted by the shiny and things go a bit off the rails. That’s what happened with my Merlia scarf.

I cast it on for my Order of the Phoenix mission in the winter term for the Harry Potter Knit & Crochet House Cup figuring I’d have no problem finishing the scarf and a coordinating hat in 6-8 weeks time.  It’s just a scarf, after all, and I can knit those in a week.  And the hat. I don’t think I’ve spent more than a week on one of those, either. But the shiny. It will get me every single time.  That term I knit a bunch of hats, a couple of pair of mitts, some mittens, some more mittens, 4 pair of socks, a couple of scarves… Yeah, turns out I knit too many other things to get through this particular scarf. And it’s companion, Hat… Yeah, never more than a twinkle in this knitters eye…

In rare form, I set it aside.  The break month came and it was spring. I didn’t want to knit winter things anymore (never mind that I cast on Ink right after the term ended…  Or that I’ve only worn it once because who wears sweaters in June?)  So I knit other things.  And the next term passed and still Merlia got no love.  She even got stuck in time out where I wasn’t certain where I’d tucked her for a while.  Of course, I knew the whole time that she was holding hostage the size 6 Signature Needle Arts circular I’d gotten days before casting her on and I wanted that needle back, not because I wanted it for anything, I just didn’t like that it was stuck to a project I wasn’t finishing. This is unacceptable.

So August was deemed the month to contend with WIPs. I finished my sample knits and I frogged a whole lot of things and then I busted out Merlia. And I was reminded quickly of why I love her…  Malabrigo Rios. Which by itself is enough. But then we’ll throw in natural color way and cables.  SWOON!  There is little in the world that makes me happier than creamy soft yarn and cables combined!

And you wanna know the worst part- it took me less than 24 hours to FINISH the scarf that’s haunted me from it’s time out spot for the last EIGHT MONTHS! GAH.  I am not always a smart…


4 responses to “Eight Months

  1. What a lovely looking pattern! Even if it did take eight months…
    Very pretty! I am so happy that you finished it 🙂

  2. Although the combination of those cables and Malabrigo sounds like I’d never put it down, I have definitely had projects like that. Congrats on finally finishing!

  3. Congrats on finishing, and really you could just say you were waiting for it to be scarf weather again. It is a beautiful scarf.

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